I can't record a lecture without video lag

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I can't record a lecture without video lag

I'm ready to record the video lectures for my first Udemy course, but I have not been able to find any video recording software that doesn't produce video lag behind the sound. I've tried OBS, NCH Debut, Logitech software and several other brands. I have a Logitech 920 webcam, a Blue Yeti mic and a Windows 10 PC. Advice would be appreciated.

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Hey @AndrewSeaton101, how's the course creation process going?


Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team

Hi Abbie. I'm in the middle of recording the video lectures. Everything else done. I think I'll be ready to upload the course in a week or two. I found a partial solution to the problem of video lag, enough for my particular needs. I was given the impression by a YouTube clip that I needed to record with aspect ratio 16:9. When I realized that 4:3 is also fine with Udemy (and actually better for my videos, which are only talking head), the problem disappeared, 'cos in OBS software, inexplicably the 4:3 setting is the only one that causes no video lag!

You may use shotcut is free editing software.

Thanks, Benjamin. That's a brand I haven't come across. Might try it next time I'm recording videos.

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Camtasia is awesome but my kid uses OBS and doesn’t have any problems. Maybe the specs of your computer are causing you issues. 

Thanks for that.

I get lag, too.  I had to adjust my latency settings to get rid of it in OBS.  Most software has some "latency" setting.  Try adjusting yours by 200 to 500 milliseconds to see if it helps.


If you have lag in your video that you've already recorded, you will need to "slide" the audio track to fix the latency.  In Adobe Premiere, I have to "ungroup" the audio and video from each other.  Then I use the arrow key to move the audio track over a few clicks.  Then I "group" the audio and video back together.  


If you're using OBS, here's a course I took that shows how to use a tool to adjust your latency with OBS.

Here's the video on YouTube.  No need to buy the course!!  A great way to fix your latency on OBS:



Hope that helps.

Thanks, Chris, for your detailed response. You may have seen that I found a partial solution, adequate to my present needs. Inexplicably the 4:3 setting in my OBS software is the only one that causes no video lag, and when I realized that 4:3 was acceptable, and actually better-suited to my talking head format, I've gone ahead and recorded that way for the past week. I'll follow some of your advice, if I later find I want to go with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Hi, You can use ZOOM for recording your videos.

All the best .

Mamidi Naaresh Reddy

Thanks a lot, Naresh. I'll give it a try.

You are welcome, sir

@AndrewSeaton101 wrote:

Thanks a lot, Naresh. I'll give it a try.



Mamidi Naaresh Reddy

I use Movavi Video Suite

Thanks, Roberto. I'll check it out.

Use any Video editing software.

If you want screenrecorder you must use icecream screenrecorder

Thanks for your suggestion. I initially thought I would need screen recording, but then decided I only needed webcam recording.

Hello Sir,

Use mobile phone recorder with Front camera, that's so easy.

Thanks, Jyoti.

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