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free course

Hi everyone!I have a question about how free course can help me bettersell the course and what is its mechanism? Will it take time in free option?Thanks View more

Time to change the mic

Hi for all,I got some revenue and I think that is time to change the mic now. But I have a doubt, I'm using a cardioid mic (Boya By mm1) is not the best mic but it have worked until now, I have some View more

Camtasia, PowerPoint & Video at the same time Best answer

Hi all, I am using Camtasia and I am wondering if there is a way to have PowerPoint slides make up, say, 3/4 of the screen and have a video of me speaking as 1/4 of the screen. I think this is View more

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Record Screen or Record Voice the combine Best answer

I'm planning a course in which there is 50% of ppt slideshows with a script, Should I record the script then add the ppt slideshow images in the editing phase, or should I just record the screen in View more

User avatar by Level 3posted by Anonymous on

Something to make a studio room Sound proof Best answer

Hey CoInstructors! I am working to setup a studio in my house by sparing a room. But the issue is that there is always some outside noise and I want to make my room sound proof to avoid noises coming View more

User avatar by Level 1posted by Anonymous on

Volume Best answer

2 of my students have said they are having audio issues, one received a refund and one who just messaged me now has completed 64% of the course but isn't saying in what section the issues arise, what View more

Rode LavMic on MacbookPro Best answer

Hey there, Does anybody have a Rode SmartLav mic that they can plug into their Macbook Pro? I can't use my phone; my PIxel 2 doesn't connect to a Macbook Pro at all so using my Smart Phone isn't a View more

Can a Person take a Course on their Phone?

Hi all...I have a Question-Can a person take a Udemy Course on their Phone? I was talking to a Friend yesterday that only owns a Phone-she uses it for everything...but she has No Computor,she was View more

Which mic for macbook pro

Hey I bought recently samson meteorite mic expecting top quality. I am connecting it via usb to macbook and have to use usb-c adapter. I have still distant buzzing. Please is there any way how to get View more

What kind of backdrops to people use?

Hello All I have now 7 courses but they have all been screen capture. I would like to do one where I am live talking to student. What kind of back drops do you guys use. I am looking at just using View more

Noise Cancelation

Hi all. We have this games room\tenants lounge in our building. The floors are hadwood, but there's no furniture. This neans a lot of echo. Is there a microphone good enough to eliminate the echo and View more

My Video can't upload

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.35.21 AM.png

Hello Studio U!I am here in Udemy more than 2 years I have 4 courses, and almost always when I upload a demo video there is a problem, and I made everything in the properly way as was explained.Now View more

Trouble with Camtasia 8.0.6


Hi friends. I use Camtasia 8.0.6 to create videos, but ... now I have this problem I I don`t update or install new version of softwear.When I converted the file - nothing happens - only blank View more

Talking Head video editing

Good evening everyone, Hope you're all well. A query that I can't seem to get an answer to;I'm creating my first course and the next step is to start video recording the lectures but I have no idea View more

Audio Video Solution Needed

Hi All,I ave recently registred on Udemy as instructor. I have great topic and course in mind. But not technically savy on A/V solutions. I attaching a Youtube Video link. Looking to record mine in View more

Video File Size (is it really 4GB?)

Hey guys, So one of the lectures i'm editing now is really long (45min) (i know bad practice). Anyhow the file size came up to 6 GB so couldn't upload since the cap is 4GB. I rendered at lower View more

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Blue-Yeti Microphone Stand

Hello guys,,i want to buy a Blue yeti Microphone stand..which one is best for Blue yeti..and how much it cost? anyone can share with me which stand is best for blue yeti microphone.Thanks. View more

Video light

Hello, I wonder for you that hasn’t fancy light like movie light and all that and just using lights that you already have at home , how do you do it? I have watched all the videos but it’s a lot View more


Where do I find the courses? View more

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How to edit green screen?

I have learnt about green screen. recorded a video on green screen and then changed the background. but i am not happy with the output. At the edges its not good. Clearly its visible that a View more

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC

At the moment I am working with Camstia studio and mostly I do it screen recording as I am doing software teaching. And Camstia is fulfiling my job very nicely. Now I am thinking to move to better View more

User avatar by Level 3posted by on

ScreenFlow Bugs with v8.x?

Has anyone else been struggling with v8.x of ScreenFlow? Every time I try to edit any video or record anything, I am encountering a different bug. It seems to be a total mess View more

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A/V Solutions
Figure out how to create the best audio and visual set-up for your price point and skill level. This is a great place to chat about different mics, green screens, video editing software, and more.
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