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Camtasia tips

I recently purchased Camtasia. Before that I was using movavi. So far I like what I see. I was wondering if you could lend me some tips, especially around creating engaging videos (with View more

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What is the correct size of video?

I see that it limits you to a maximum of 4Gb for a file size. I broke my videos down into 3 segments which averaged around 2 to 2.5 GB in size and about 10 minutes long each and now it gives me an View more

Audacity and mp4

The technical setbacks just keep on coming. Udemy's response to my test video suggest I use Audacity to edit out the echos in my audio. That's okay for my screencast recordings. But the headshots are View more

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Canon SX160 IS

can I use this camera for video recording I have this and want to use it for my courses or other than this pleasce guide me View more

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Sound being blocked for student. Best answer

Hey all, One of my students is having big issues with sound. In chatting with Udemy this morning to figure out it out, they figured it must have something to do with popups blocking the sound. She View more

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Audio issues Best answer

I record video and audio on my Samsung phone. I can't adjust the input volume. Is it ok to boost it using my audio director software? Will that still produce a good result? I don't understand how to View more

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Egypt and tax form

Hello everyone ! i am using payoneer as my online bank linked to udemy to receive my funds and they required a tax form , unfortunately in Egypt freelancers are not recognized under the band of taxes View more

Udemy dont load 1920x1080 resolution

Hi, my name is Santiago, i have simple questionRigth now my videos have a 1920x1080 resolution, but when i load it in Udemy, only appear a resolution of 720, someone know what happend. View more

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How to KILL background NOISE (hiss) Best answer

I am talking about equipment noise: microphones, preamps, mixers, etc....not your refrigerator or fan noise etc. I see people asking: 'where do I get an app to cancel noise' ? Well, you CANNOT cancel View more

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Filming with iPhone 6

Hi, is it bad to film the course with iPhone 6, I mean is it possible? (video + audio at the same time) I am curious if everyone did it, I want to give myself try but also don’t want to make it very View more

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Head-Worn USB Mic

Hello EXPERTS, At present, I'm using Blue SnowBall ICE. I'm very very happy with it. However, I felt if I'd be able to use anything that's head-worn, and obviously USB - would made my tasks more View more

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Will Udemy remove "forced" discounts?

I'm not sure, but I saw months ago that Udemy's discount policy could be changed. In particular the forced discount applied by Udemy itself every day to set courses price to 9.99-19.99. Is it true View more


i am new here and dnt have experience of recording ad editing. please will somewone guide me for recordig and editing video. View more

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Next section not showing up

Hello Recently I uploaded my first course and I am new to Udemys interface also. One of my students has messaged me that he is not able to access the next section even though he has completed all the View more

Video not uploading at 1080p

Hey guys, this is the first time uploading a course on Udemy. However, I have taken many courses on Udemy and seen many of the courses offering 1080p quality videos. But when I am uploading, the View more

most solled course Best answer

My ask is to the early joined udemy experts ...what is the most courese that was ever solled on udemy and still effective after years of publishing ??? iwant to know the students majority quests for View more

Verification process

Thank u UDEMY,for verifing my account from the second verification method that is the manual verification process.For those who are facing this problem dont worry just send the video and a written View more

captioning Best answer

Hi, does anyone have an example of a .vtt caption? I am trying to caption my course using youtube .vtt captioning, but i keep getting errors. View more

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1280 x 720 resolution

I use screencastify on all my videos. When I change some text to a picture file and I capture the screen, the resolution stays at 1092 x 614. I must have 1280 x 720 for udemy course. What can I View more

camera for my Mac

Hello I have a MAC pro 2015 and a IPHONE xWhat camera should I buy for it? Some say I can use my IPhone X but I don 't know how yo udo that while operating screenflow from my mac pro. Should I have a View more

Echo removal in a small room Best answer

Hi all, I have a more general question. I have problem with echo in my small room. Unfortunately I can't put acoustic tiles on the walls for the time being. Will this do the trick? Foldable View more


I am trying to get my certificate for a completed class finished a while ago. How can I acquire the certificate? Thank you View more

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A/V Solutions
Figure out how to create the best audio and visual set-up for your price point and skill level. This is a great place to chat about different mics, green screens, video editing software, and more.