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I'm a new instructor and started using PowerPoint to build courses. So far, I've been using an audio editor and then drag and drop the file onto the slide. I use stock photos as much as possible and View more

Unable to see title of post in mobile app


Hi, Q&A is buggy on the app. I'm trying to see the full title of the question the student posted but it always gets clipped off if it's too long. I've attached a screenshot of the same in this post. View more

Update Course Using 4k Recording

I am in the process of updating my course and wondering if I should do my screen recording using the 4K resolution option. Would it hurt anything if I did? Wouldn't that make the videos future proof? View more

How to get traffic

hi everyone, By the grace of Almighty Allah. My first course is live in the market place, and I want to know how do I do marketing of my course? Even this is my free sample course, but I want to get View more

Video Backup

What is the best online/offline cloud storage for storing your data when you have more than 1 tera byte!! View more

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Code Blocks and Inline Code for captions

Dont you think that Code Blocks and Inline Code function for captioning process will be a better thing? Like, to help the students distinguish between the general term and the technical term when the View more

How to record my desktop?

Recording your desktop can be achieved using any number of software programs designed to do just that. These programs are called 'screen capture software'. Many applications will capture not only View more

returning money to student Best answer

hello ,student recorded my course then he return his money .its very bad policy that he can return money after learning the course .plz protect our efforts we are View more

Starting course option

I don't see the "start your course" option now. Is there some different procedure? Because I didn't get any notification. View more

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A/V Solutions
Figure out how to create the best audio and visual set-up for your price point and skill level. This is a great place to chat about different mics, green screens, video editing software, and more.
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