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How to combine VTT files? Best answer

Hi! Is there any way to combine the multiple VTT files into one file after you bulk download them from the course captions? Searched here and on Google, and can't seem to find a View more

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What camera do you use?

Just curious to see what everyone else is using! I’ll start- I use the a Canon C100 Mark II. I started out using a Canon 70D. Your turn! View more

Share experience Best answer

How long it took you to get your first 2000 students? And what did you do to get them? Did you make your course free for first time before making it paid ? Please share your experience , help new View more

Android App Instructor Performance Data Missing


Lately the instructor section of the android app seems to have recurring server issues and the performance data is missing more often than not (please refer the image). I installed the latest version View more

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Hello dear friends, I have just entered this collection. I want to sell my course, but please help me about the collection. Thanks. View more


Udemy me ask me all the time for verification video while trying to submit another course , even when I already have a course live on the market place and have also submitted verification video View more

Laptop webcame Best answer

Is it possible to just use the webcam integrated into my laptop to film a video? I have an Android phone, Android Tablet as well as a Sony digital camera but I would like to use the best option and View more


Helo I want to upload a free course but not complete because it 2hours given for free course , can I tell on the description or in one of the video that the full course will be coming out soon which View more

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View more

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Hard to upload video

Dear all fellow instructors,I would like to post my second lesson but I got difficulty to upload my video it was failed many times. I uploaded from my computer and then I tried to upload from Google View more

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Very akward and unpleasant situation

So my story is:I published my course. I got one (!!) studentHis "learning time " was 2 minutes (!!!)I found my course for free on amu many resourcesNow this 'student' made a refund. So what i View more

Improve my Audio quality

Dear All, I am having problems with my audio quality. I have recorded my video with the built in microphone of my laptop which was good but not perfect. Then I tried to use an external mic View more

Picking video-editing software Best answer

Hi All, By the time I started my Udemy journey I had already been making video content for many years and was using video editing software which was affordable but also had plenty of functions View more

Home Studio Options

Hello fellow instructors, I think that recording studio setup is one of the most difficult subjects to get your head around. Microphones, audio interfaces, lights and sound all seem to be important. View more



hello can you explain me this Message from Udemy i don't understand View more

Review Audio Quality Best answer

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 10.51.56 AM.png

Dear Instructors, I published my first course on Udemy about a week back and a few students left a review - stating, the sound/audio on my recordings was a bit low (mic output). I used screen flow to View more

First course, sound proofing

Good morning, I have watched multiple tutorials and classes on audio quality. I have worked to make my office my future studio. When I shoot screen cast videos with my ATR 2100, the sound is rich and View more

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A/V Solutions
Figure out how to create the best audio and visual set-up for your price point and skill level. This is a great place to chat about different mics, green screens, video editing software, and more.
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