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Video settings and codecs

Dear all, I am editing videos for the first time in my life and slowly learning many new things about it.I am now encountering a problem: video sizes and exporting/uploading time. The question for View more

How do I use the laptop webcam? Best answer

Hi there! I am very new to this and not very techie. I want to use the webcam integrated into my laptop to film whatever I have on my screen. But I don't even know how to turn it on. Any help will be View more

Is Alternate verification process working? Best answer

I have sended my video through e-mail for verificationHow many percent chances that My course will verify? Did anyone do Alternate verification process before?please share your experience about View more

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WEBCAME Suggestion

My laptop's webcam is busted and recoding from phone then importing it to laptop while editing is a hassle, please suggest a webcam i can use that provides agood quality result for making my courses. View more

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Humming sound of mic Best answer

Hi, I have started online courses for medical students using camtesia 9. I am Facing issue of mic sound like ssssssss . Anyone knows how to get rid of this noise ,please. View more

Urgent help needed

My course was reviewed and the changes were made now 3 days later I still have not heard back from udemy after being told that it would be responds to within 2 days. I have student who are waiting . View more

Custom microphone

Hi all, I am looking forward starting filming my first course, but I need to get audio equipment. I am doing research, but in the huge offer I find tricky to get a grasp on what would be really View more

smooth scroll in screencast

My Video Memories course occasionally uses screencasts of Google Search results to help my students locate public domain resources they can use for their Video Memory development. My screencasts are View more

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Introduction videos Best answer

Hello, community!I'm Tasha and I'm about to publish my first course. Feeling super excited and hopeful that the materials will serve students in the best possible way! I have two dilemmas though that View more

When to charge your course ? Best answer

Hi everyone !!I offered my first course for free on udemy 2 days back. I am waiting for a suitable amount of students to register so that i can charge my course. How many students should register View more

USB-C lav mic

Do you have recommendations or experiences with lavalier mics with usb-c connections? I'm searching for a lav mic for talking head videos that I can connect to my Android phone which only has a usb-c View more

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Request for approver Best answer

Sir please I submitted my course using manual submission up to 2 days now I have not received any feed back please help me View more

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Logitech C920 audio quality changed Best answer

I am using Logitech C920 for recording Video and Audio. The Audio quality was great until last week, and I recored 12 videos with stunning audio quality. But for the last couple of videos, the View more

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What microphone do you use? Best answer

Just curious to see what everyone else is using! I’ll start- I use the Heil PR40 for most of my screencast and voice overs. And I use the Rode NTG3 for my talking head videos. I started out using the View more

Noise in the background

Opera Pillanatfelvétel_2020-01-14_115551_www.udemy.com.png

Udemy's team said that I had issues with the background noise but i used a noise muffler in the video editing software and I dont not what else I could do about it.The noise is from my computer I View more

Need to replace my webcam, what do you use?

I have a Logitech HD Pro C920 that's just been giving me fits. And Logitech support just hasn't been very responsive.As such, I'm considering abandoning Logitech altogether. What are you using View more

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Hi everyone, one of my students just told me that after he finished my course he didn't get certification, how should i solve this problem View more

How to study courses on Udemy?

please guide for those who have understood in this udemy course, I am still a beginner and want to learn, but to whom I ask?thanks View more

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A/V Solutions
Figure out how to create the best audio and visual set-up for your price point and skill level. This is a great place to chat about different mics, green screens, video editing software, and more.
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