They rejected my course but I followed the same steps as always

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They rejected my course but I followed the same steps as always


I submitted my third course for review for the third time and I'm waiting for them to publish it.

The first time they rejected it because the course language was wrong, and I fixed it.

This time they basically told me that I am not allowed to publish an incomplete course (???). I don't understand what's the problem here, since my course already had 5 lectures and more than one hour content when I submitted it.

I am aware that my course is not complete, I am doing it on purpose, because I want to update it day by day. I respected all the rules and the only thing that I can see in the requirements is that the course must have 5 lectures and a minimum of 30 minutes of content, that's it.

Also, my two previous courses have been published even if not complete.

They also told me that my description says that this is "the most complete course on the entire web", and this can't be true because of the length of my videos. Again, I know that it's not long enough, but I am planning to update it daily!! I didn't like the attitude, actually.


I waiting for another response but tomorrow it's the weekend and I would like to know if I'm wrong or if I'm right, also for the future.



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Community Champion

Personally, if I were a student and saw "the most complete course on the entire web" and only saw 5 videos, I would not waste my time on it as it would be a lie. If I did for some reason buy it being promised it was the most complete course and then realized I would have to wait on new videos to drop, I would then rate it very low for lying and get a refund. Do not advertise "the most complete" if it is not in fact, complete.

*Brains behind Jason Dion*

Thank you for your answer!

The thing that I don't understand is why they let me do this with my previous courses and not with this one. When I advertise my course on Social Media I tell immediately that the course will be updated daily, and I didn't receive any complaints.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @IlariaGastaldo, I'm sorry to hear that your course didn't pass the Quality Review Process.


Before publishing a course, we need to make sure that it complies with our quality standards, and one of the requirements is that the information on the course landing page matches the current course content - you can read more about the guidelines for the course description here.


I totally understand that this can be frustrating, but please feel free to reach out to and the team will be happy to take a closer look at your course and clarify this for you. Once you make the necessary adjustments and your course passes the review process, your course can be published in the Udemy marketplace.


Thank you for your understanding. 


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community 

Thank you Bella! 

That was my concern: since my first two courses have been published even if not complete, I assumed that I was right. I will then take my time and upload all the content first.

Thank you for your kind answer 🙂

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