Which Editing Software do you use?

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Which Editing Software do you use?

Hello Instructors!


We know that everyone has their own style of video creation because we’ve already seen your different audio & visual setups. But for this discussion, we’d love to know which software you are using to pull it all together?


Which editing software do you use and why do you use it?

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I use NCH Suite. 

Screen and Audio Recording - Debut Video Capture Software

Audio Editing (Noise Cancellation) - Wavepad

Video Editing - Videopad

All of the above are from the same company. 

I use Screenflow on my Macbook & Camtasia on my Windows Laptop.



I keep content simple and hence Microsoft's Video Editor (Successor to Movie Maker) works ok for me. 



Well, I think mine is on the contrary, probably because I am new here, but however I will be using ADOBE PREMIER PRO. / AE


I use Camtasia, and love it. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time

Ceci Mansilla

Camtasia on Windows 11

WonderShare Filmora 11 on macOS Monterey V.12.6.1

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Community Champion

Camtasia for screen recording, quicktime for webcam recording. Latest version of Camtasia is not good at all for capturing webcams to be honest. However you can use it with quick time and everything will work fine.

I use Adobe Premiere Elements (Not Premiere Pro). The pro version is both expensive and needlessly complicated. Elements does everything you will need, is simple to use and is inexpensive. I don't know why more people don't use it.


Lawrence M. Miller

Hola a todos!! Soy nueva y estoy cargando mi primer curso. Consulta general! Utilizan Camtasia con versión PRO, o se puede usar en la versión gratuita?. Desde ya, muchas gracias!!! 🙂

Hi there! Suppose I don't want to appear in my videos, but I'm looking for a software that can create a 3D animated avatar that speaks what I say in the video. Which software options are available for me to achieve this?

I strongly believe in free stuff. In fact, my course is about PowerPoint and free tools. So my work process is as follows:

1. Create a presentation in PowerPoint.

2. Record and clean audio in Audacity. (I use a cheap lapel mike plugged into my notebook.)

3. I Save a separate clip for each Slide from my clean Audacity project.

4. I set each clip to play automatically when the slide plays.

5. I set each animation's time (eg. text appearance) on each slide to sync with the audio.

6. I save the whole presentation as an MP4 file.

7. I edit the MP4 file in Clipchamp, usually adding my talking head video and a second or so of branding. Clipchamp gives some free background music that you can put on your final product and provides very accurate captions.  The final product is exported in the required 1080  format with good audio.


Ok thank You all, I will try these apps. 

I have used capcut

Camtasia 👍.


Best editing software 

There are many editing software programs available, and the choice of which one to use depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Here are some popular options:


Microsoft Word: A widely used word processing software that includes basic editing tools such as spell check, grammar check, and thesaurus.


Grammarly: An AI-powered writing assistant that checks for spelling and grammar errors, as well as clarity, conciseness, and tone.


ProWritingAid: A comprehensive writing tool that offers in-depth analysis of grammar, spelling, and style, as well as suggestions for improving readability and flow.


Hemingway Editor: A simple web-based app that highlights complex sentences, passive voice, and other common writing errors, and provides suggestions for simplifying and clarifying the text.


Google Docs: A free cloud-based word processor that offers real-time collaboration and editing, as well as basic grammar and spelling checks.


Scrivener: A powerful writing software for authors and screenwriters that offers tools for outlining, research, and organization, as well as editing and formatting features.


Ultimately, the best editing software depends on the user's specific needs and preferences. It's important to research and try out different options to find the one that works best for you

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Community Champion

This was 100% written by chatGPT

I am using OBS and Prism Live Studio. 

1) MS Word to outline the course

2) Powerpoint or Keynote for slides

3) Camtasia for screen recording, audio recording, and video editing

4) Audacity to add effects if needed to the audio

I've been using iMovie since the start, but only because it came with my Mac! I've been forcing myself to figure out how to make it work (mainly since I don't want to buy a camtasia or finalcut). So far I've only run into a single limitation - it only allows 2 layers of video.


This means I can do a green screen, but NOT overlay a graphic... OR I can overlay a single graphic, but not a second one.


So far it's only been a mild annoyance, but given it's a free product I'm ok with that...

Yes Imovie got some limitations in terms of layers for graphics. Maybe you can try to record it with Quicktime and then use this screen recording in Imovie?

I utilize a combination of software tools to bring my video content together.  Employ Clipchamp for screen and audio recording, Audacity for audio enhancements, MS Word for creating comprehensive course outlines, and MS PowerPoint for designing visually appealing presentations.

Clipchamp serves as an excellent solution for capturing both my screen activities and accompanying audio. If require to ensure optimal audio quality, I rely on Audacity, a widely-used open-source audio editing software.

MS Word acts as my go-to word-processing software for creating detailed course outlines. Its versatile formatting options enable me to organize and structure my content effectively, ensuring clarity and coherence in my teaching materials.

Lastly, I leverage the power of MS PowerPoint to craft captivating visual presentations. With its abundant features, including slide transitions, animations, and multimedia embedding.

 Obrigada pela dica.

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Community Champion

Camtasia. HOWEVER.....not very happy with it. In terms of effects (for instance on screen words), it is incredibly limited. So, we are looking for something better. But what we currently have made, is made with Camtasia. 

I'm all in with Camtasia, but I wish there were more audio editing tools.  What exactly are you trying to do with Camtasia?  Are you talking about closed captioning?  Just curious.



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Community Champion

I use it for screen casting in general terms and never for closed captioning. That latter option is done by Udemy. 

I used Invideo and IMovie before.. Now moved to Camtasia and loving it.

Obs for recording, editing I use Snapy.ai - I basically, don't edit my videos anymore. It's the best stack afaik.

OBS for screen record & Snapy.ai for video editing. It's the simplest workflow to i've used so far. Used primere pro before.

OBS for Recording + Snapy.ai for Editing 10/10.

Also using Camtasia and recently started using the Audiate companion software to edit my audio. E.g. cutting out the pauses, which is really making editing a lot easier and quicker.

 Camtasia and Audiate


You guys have helped me a lot. I launched my first course a couple weeks ago. I used Davinci Resolve and OBS. It’s been quite a journey learning to use the tools and I can’t quite believe I’m the author of a course now 😊

I try to record everything in a good way so there is not editing needed. I use quicktime , a good webcam, a good microphone plugged in the computer and then record everything with screen recording. I am filming myself in a small studio with a nice background and two lights. 

Hey all,


I started off with iMovie because it was free and happened to be on my Mac. It served me VERY well, until I realized I needed more than 2 layers of video (e.g. my talking head, and 1 overlay wasn't enough). Unfortunately I only figured that out AFTER I had edit 75% of a new course...


So, I got a tool that met my needs - Davinci. It's got waaaay more features than I'll ever use, but more than meets my needs for multiple layers, audio, uploads, etc.  The learning curve (for me) was more of a vertical line, but it's also a fun challenge to learn how to use.

I used to use TechSmith Capture , it had quite some options that was before I started using Camtasia it serve my requirements quite well

I can use Capcut, Filmora, Audacity 

This thread is very old, you should start a new one.


It's interesting how many people here started with Camtasia many years ago, when it didn't cost so much as today. And many complain today about its limitations. I know, I tried it.


There are also many other free alternatives today, not bad at all. Some older guys on the platform may disagree and give some bad advice. But in just 3-4 months I created 6 video courses with just PowerPoint and ...Clipchamp. My first was about Clipchamp, which still brings me something.


There are limitations, it's true, but you should rather know where and learn to avoid them.


Capcut is coming strong today, they innovate like crazy.


And lately I looked into OBS. Which, with something like DaVinci Resolve, could be a winning free solution.

I've used CapCut for quite long period and add my customized intro / outro clips to make different videos in similar style.

I come from a streaming background so OBS and Adobe Premier is my normal pipeline. Any voice over work done within Audacity.

The new adobe products have some great AI transcript built right into to help streamline the transcript game!

Final Cut Pro 

Robert Chalmers
Author & Instructor

Cap cut

Final Cut Pro

Robert Chalmers
Author & Instructor

Let me add a little to my previous reply. Currently I use Final Cut Pro as I mentioned. Mainly. However, at times I also use CapCut. It's very good. LumaFusion is brilliant.  I started out years ago with iMovie. Not as basic as it first looks because you can push it a long way. Then it's time to move to FCP. But, as I say. There are times when I use LumaFusion or CapCut. I also use any number of other apps to develop other parts. 

LumaFusion is a very good editor. It's so like FCP that it can export packages to FCP and the workflow is very similar. LumaFusion is a lot less cost than FCP, and runs on the Mac and iPad... and the iPhone. It's brilliant.

For pure Audio work when I need it Audacity is the goto. Although I don't use it for Lessons much, as FCP has a very good VoiceOver facility, as does LumaFusion. Audacity is my favourite for AudioBooks.

I'm a great believer in if the program does what you need, then it's the best. I never get into "mine is better than yours" discussions. That sort of argument is pointless. If all you can afford is iMovie - it comes with all Macs - then use it. It' brilliant. I used to use Windows, but the hardware began to get in the way, so I moved to Macs. But I still have both. I can't remember what editor I used on Windows, but Davinci Resolve is ver good. I also use that from time to time on the Mac. And... DaVinci Resolve is free. You don't need the Studio version believe me. Not unless you plan on making an Epic Space Adventure... which you won't be doing on Udemy.

I use Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher for all graphics work. It's brilliant software and as cheap as chips. 8 cups of coffee from Starbucks is about the current cost. It's way better than anything Adobe is still fiddling with, and NO subscription. Also runs on Apple, PC and iPad all with one license.

Well that's about what I use. And also why I use it. I'm also happy to answer any questions from anyone about anything you want to know. Except the meaning of life. That's 46.


Robert Chalmers
Author & Instructor

I will explore alternative software mentioned in the comments

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