A message from Gregg Coccari: Udemy's Social Impact

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A message from Gregg Coccari: Udemy's Social Impact

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello everyone,


I’m excited to announce that today Udemy published its inaugural “Social Impact Report” and I want to take this moment to thank you all for your commitment to improving millions of lives around the globe by sharing your expertise on Udemy.


The report spotlights so many individuals and organizations who have increased access to learning as a result of your hard work. The stories within the report are a testament to our joint commitment to provide flexible, effective skill development to empower organizations and individuals around the globe. 


Positive societal impact is ingrained in our business model and we know that education lifts individuals, and in turn, lifts societies. When you teach with Udemy, you create new possibilities for millions of learners across the world. 


Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. Whether you just launched your first course or you already have thousands of students, we’re excited to partner together to improve lives through learning.