April Community Highlights

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April Community Highlights


Hello instructors!


April was a lively month for conversation in the Community. As we approached the rollout of the updated business terms, you had plenty of questions, feedback, and conversation to share. The same was true of the debut of Personal Plan, the pilot of a subscription option for individual learners. We continue to appreciate all of your contributions to the instructor community: your thoughtful feedback, questions, and support for one another. Thank you!


Top Community Contributors

A special shout out to our top community contributors during the month of April! 

@RealFelix   @Thor   @Monica2021



April Highlights


@IkwuagwuIgwe recently asked Where do I start from? and expressed curiosity around bestselling courses. @FrankKane shared Udemy’s Marketplace Insights tool, found on your Instructor Dashboard, which lets you "research how popular different topics are and how much competition exists in those topics." @LawrenceMMiller also shared his insights to focus on teaching "a topic you’re most passionate about," and to research other courses in that category to identify trends that will help you differentiate your course from today's bestsellers.


@MassimilianoAlf’s List of useful sources for instructors continues to be a popular post in the community. Do you have any favorite tools or resources that you use while creating your course(s)? Any new resources out there that aren’t listed?


Udemy Announcements


Building for the future: upcoming changes to instructor business terms. The updated instructor business terms are live, effective May 3, 2021. You can read a summary in the Teaching Center or review the updated Instructor Terms and Promotions Policy.


Learn more about the Personal Plan. The pilot of our new, curated subscription option for individual learners is live for a subset of learners in the US. You can read more about the pilot in the Teaching Center.


Need Udemy’s help? Here’s your guide for How to Reach Udemy's Support Teams