August is finished! Take a look at what we covered!

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August is finished! Take a look at what we covered!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Instructor Community!


The month of August has come to an end and we wanted to showcase the highlights of what we covered! The month’s theme was course creation and we had a lot to cover to help you succeed with this subject! 


This post will cover the events and top discussions that we believe would benefit you regarding course creation.


Top Discussions:

This month, we had a lot of engaging conversations that can help you strengthen your course creation process! Check out these top subjects that were discussed in the month of August:

What is the #1 tool for your course creation process? - Get some great information on various tools to help improve your course creation.

What are your ‘golden rules’ for creating courses? - Share some of your knowledge about streamlining your course creation process.

Unpublished? Check out our Newcomer Challenge and get Featured! - For those who are first-time course creators, we have a program to help you jumpstart your journey as an instructor at Udemy!




Course Creation Coffee Chat

On August 22nd we hosted our monthly coffee chat that focused on course creation and what instructors are doing to succeed in this subject.


Take a look at the topics we covered:


What are the top tools to help you create courses?

  1. Microphone - Be sure to have a high-quality microphone when you are recording your course. One instructor mentioned utilizing the Blue Yeti Microphones for those who are just getting started. These microphones' price ranges between $50 - $200 depending on the quality.
  2. Udemy Market Insights and Teaching Center  - Utilize Udemy’s tools to help you identify in-demand courses and learn best practices for creating your courses!
  3. Video editing software - Getting yourself a video editing program will help you sharpen your content and take it to the next level. Attendees recommended picking up the program Filmora.


Do you have any tips for streamlining your course creation process?

  1. Constantly collect feedback - Always seek feedback from those around you such as your friends, family, and especially your students. Learn more about what their thoughts are on the structure and adjust your course creation process.
  2. Bring on a team member - Getting the help you need for tasks that you’re not comfortable with will give you more time to create high-quality content for your courses. The community members agreed that these are the types of people you should bring on to your team:
    1. Support - General task assistance for course creation
    2. Video editor - An individual to edit your content to make a cohesive and high-quality course.
  3. Utilize Task Management Tools - Keep all your tasks in one place and organized with these two tools:
    1. Asana - Asana helps you work on projects and keep details all in one place.
    2. Trello - A program that helps you organize with the power of boards, cards, and lists to help you achieve your goals.


How do you come up with course ideas?


  • Gather feedback from students - Your students are your direct customer. Create content surrounding their needs to retain your audience.
  • Market research - Understand what the students are looking for in Udemy
  • Understand questions from students - If there are patterns in questions, consider expanding further in another course.
  • Market Insight Tool through Udemy
  • Google trends report for interest level.


We have coffee chats every month that cover specific themes. We have already had our September Coffee chat featuring data analytics, but be on the lookout for the posted date for our next event in October!


Course Creation Webinar Ft. Jimmy Naraine

Last month, we had the pleasure to speak with top Instructor Jimmy Naraine about his experience with course creation. Jimmy is a Udemy instructor to over 350k+ students. His presentation was one part tactical application, one part motivation, and one part mindset shift!



We could describe the whole webinar to you, but why explain it when you can experience it for yourself! You can catch the full webinar replay here.

This session is filled with great information so you won’t want to miss it! 


We have a webinar every month featuring guests that are masters in the field we are covering. On September 21st at 12pm PST, we will have a guest speaker Community Champion Lawrence Miller!


You can register now by clicking here.


Thanks so much to all the community members for sharing their knowledge about how they create their courses through the month of August.

Is there anything that you would like to see for next month’s wrap-up? Share your suggestions in the comments below! 👇