Evolving our mission and vision as we accelerate growth

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Evolving our mission and vision as we accelerate growth

Udemy Team
Udemy Team

Hey Instructors,


Over the past few months, we've been thinking about how we can amplify the impact of our collective voice to accelerate Udemy’s growth, and as part of this, we have been rethinking and refining our mission and vision to ensure it reflects the collective goals of Udemy and the communities we serve together with you our instructor partners.  You can find the article here.


Firstly, our vision. Our vision is to create a world where everyone, everywhere has access to the skills they need to unlock their potential — a world where they can create possibilities for themselves and for others. Our vision isn't just about the here and now, it’s about looking forward to a world where everyone has a shot at learning what they need to make their mark, and everyone can share their knowledge and skills with the world through teaching. We believe together we are opening doors to opportunities and possibilities that stretch out wide and far.


As part of this vision, we also have a set of beliefs. Our beliefs shape our vision and guide us in where we chose to focus and why and we want to share them with all of you. Some you may agree with, and some you may not, the goal is to state a point of view and use these beliefs to incite conversation, and discussion so that we can evolve our thinking and approach to bringing learning and skills to the world. 


Skills are the new currency for talent management

We're not just saying it; we see it. Skills are fast becoming the measure by which individual learners and organizations are measuring themselves and their teams. Every time a learner lands a new job, nails a skill, or just feels that click of understanding, that’s your work paying off and they come one step closer to their goals. In many cases, people don’t have access to traditional learning environments or they may not be suited to them so leveraging skills as the new currency is a more inclusive and accessible mechanism for recognizing talent in the workplace and in the world. 


Learning should be personalized

At Udemy, we're not just sitting back and watching. We're right there with you. We’re making sure our platform is where you can do your best work and where learners can experience your knowledge in a variety of ways. Whether this be through standard courses or through assessments, labs and interactive Q&A. We want to create a community of learners around your courses and in the future provide even more ways to guide learners on which courses to take for which outcomes as well as provide new ways for you to engage with learners in an interactive way. 


The wisdom of the marketplace should be embraced: We believe that the model we have with Udemy wins for a reason because, through your commitment to sharing your knowledge, we are able to provide fresh and relevant content to learners when they need it most. You never know where the next best course will come from, it shouldn’t be limited to what we as Udemy decide to publish, it should be based on what the market has to offer. We want to continue to create an environment for instructors from all backgrounds to teach through Udemy. We believe this is the only way to keep up with the pace of change. 


AI should be integrated with human knowledge

We've got a community of learners who are hungry for the knowledge you have. And we’re here to support you in reaching them. We believe that AI is a transformational technology but we also believe in the power of human knowledge and the real magic happens when we can combine artificial and human intelligence together. We are committed to leveraging AI to the benefit of our learners and instructors to create more opportunities for all of us. 


We're excited about the future, and we hope you are too. So let's keep at it. Keep sharing your expertise, keep creating those lightbulb moments, and keep being the incredible instructors you are. We are here to support you and together we can transform even more lives through learning and create a world where everyone everywhere has the power to create possibilities for themselves and for others


With that, I have a question for you. What features would you like to see to help you spread your knowledge better through Udemy? 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


Cheers to what we're building together.


Teach on,


Chief Marketing Officer, Udemy