February Community Highlights

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February Community Highlights

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello Instructors! We would like to recognize and thank you for all of your contributions to the Udemy Instructor Community. Whether you’re just getting started on your Udemy journey, or have published multiple courses - thank you for your impact in making our instructor community a better place.


Top Community Contributors

A special thank you to our top community contributors in the month of February! 👏👏👏

@debra1111 @MikeXCohen @HSE-Trainer  


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February Highlights

To kick off the month, @ScottDuffy  posted his appreciation for Udemy and shared his experience on the platform over the last 6 years here, which encouraged other instructors to highlight their own experiences. 


Coming off of a strong January, @JulianJenki396 engaged with fellow instructors on their thoughts on February sales here.


If you’re from the UK, @RobinHills interacted with instructors about their experiences and insights into managing Payoneer and PayPal fees here. Other instructors across the UK, Australia and Europe chimed in with their thoughts and experiences.


Udemy Announcements

Now live: Featured Questions and Q&A Search Improvements. In case you missed it, we launched a new tool to improve your Q&A experience. Additionally, and thanks to your feedback, we also improved the Q&A search functionality to make it more useful for both, you and your students. Learn more here.  


Need Udemy’s help? Here’s your guide for How to Reach Udemy's Support Teams



Wow. Thank you very much for your appreciation, loved the gesture.

I think I have learned many things in my Udemy journey, this is the reason, I started to answer all those unanswered questions in the community for which I have some knowledge.


Just asking, can we post this appreciation poster on our social media?

In case anyone was wondering: No, I don't wear that much purple every day 😛

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Absolutely, @HSE-Trainer! We would love it for you to share this on your social media. Smiley Very Happy


Access Denied Smiley Frustrated

My discussion has been useful in sharing our experiences, @Abbie   If it has done nothing else, it has helped us to know that we are not alone with some of the frustrations that we are facing.  This is very helpful.

Thanks @Abbie for the recognition. I spent half of the month camping in the desert of Joshua Tree and Cali mountains, and this was nice to come home to. The community is important in supporting our passion for sharing E-learning. The instructors here are helping the world no matter their topic.Full Moon Rise inspirationFull Moon Rise inspiration We are lucky to be able to work from anywhere:  

Congrats to the Top Community Contributors.

Congratulations to All Top Community Contributors.

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