February is in the books! See what we covered!

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February is in the books! See what we covered!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Instructor Community! The month of February has ended and we wanted to showcase the highlights of what we covered!


Community Member Shoutouts!

Every so often, there are community members who reach certain milestones and we wanted to shout out a few members who have reached the “50 Replies Given” in the community!

Congratulations to:






Feel free to congratulate them in the comments as well!🎉🏆👏


Udemy in the News!

Here are some notable press mentions & announcements that you might’ve missed


5 San Francisco Companies Committed to Investing in Their People

Publication - Built In


AI's Rise Generates New Job Title: Prompt Engineer

Publication - Axios


Here's How 10 Industries are Experimenting with ChatGPT

Publication - Quartz


Udemy Instructor Community

February’s theme was SEO,  and we had a few discussions to cover SEO best practices for instructors!


This post will cover the events and discussions that we believe you will enjoy engaging in related to SEO.



This month, we had a lot of engaging conversations that can help you strengthen your understanding of what’s to come for the holiday season as an instructor! Check out these subjects discussed in February:

What adjustments to your SEO helped you get more students? - If you’ve made adjustments to your SEO through Udemy, share some tips on what worked for you!

How do you choose keywords to bring in new students?- Share your insight about how you pick out keywords that help you find the right students.

What outlets do you use SEO with? - SEO isn’t just for Udemy, it is utilized for many platforms. What channels do you utilize?



SEO Coffee Chat:

On February 24th, we invited you all to SEO as instructors! 

There were a lot of questions and discussions that can be those who want to learn more about SEO.

In case you missed it, we had a couple of questions shared with the instructors to discuss further.

Here are the questions and responses had during the coffee chat:


Have you implemented SEO strategies in your courses?

  • Utilizing your own website to bring traffic to your courses. You have a lot more freedom to find more potential students within your own website to bring onto your online courses
  • Utilizing keywords that are specific to the subject you teach and the audience you might be teaching (beginner, intermediate, expert levels)


How do you use keywords for your online courses?

  • Utilizing the Market Insights tool to help identity what instructors are looking for.



Have some answers to these questions? Share your thoughts in the comments below 👇.

Our next virtual coffee chat will be hosted Wednesday, March 15th at 11:00am PT. You can sign up for the event here!


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Great to be here!


Thank you @RyanJaress  for letting us know about the March virtual coffee chat date/time.
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