January Community Highlights

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January Community Highlights


Hello Instructors! We would like to recognize and thank you for all of your contributions to the Udemy Instructor Community. Whether you’re just getting started on your Udemy journey, or have published multiple courses - thank you for your impact in making our instructor community a better place.


Top Community Contributors

A special thank you to our top community contributors in the month of January! 🙌

@KarolyNyisztor @DanielEvans @ba0708 


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Kicking Off the New Year

While 2020 presented many challenges, your fellow instructors shared their thoughts on 2020 and their hopes for the new year in this inspiring thread.

Udemy Announcements

Introducing Featured Questions. In case you missed it, we launched a new feature to improve your Q&A experience. Learn more here.
Need Udemy’s help? Here is your guide for How to Reach Udemy's Support Teams.

@MassimilianoAlf’s list of useful free resources for instructors continues to help new instructors in their search for tools to help with course creation and helpful Udemy-specific articles.

Top Tips for New Instructors. Both new and long-time Udemy instructors share their tips in this discussion.

Feeling unmotivated? You’re not alone! In this discussion started by @RossMcGowan, instructors share tips on how they keep their spirits going.


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Community Champion

Thanks, @Abbie! 🙂

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Thanks @Abbie, glad and pride to be part of this big community!


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Awesome. Great to recognize leadinf contributors!