Join us for an AMA with our Lead Learning Designer, Melissa Belardi!

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Join us for an AMA with our Lead Learning Designer, Melissa Belardi!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Instructor Community!


We are excited to bring you another live community event this month! On June 28th at 1:00pm ET we’ll be sitting down with the Lead Learning Designer, Melissa Belardi in an AMA (Ask me Anything) style interview.


Melissa has a Master's degree in Education, specializing in Learning. She has experience in many different types of learning design such as designing Minecraft levels and Raspberry Pi coding projects for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning. Melissa also has experience in creating simulations related to personal finance. Previously, she taught various subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Design Engineering at the high school level.


During the interview, Melissa will take your questions, so this is your chance to ask her any of your burning questions regarding anything related to Learning Design. Feel free to start off by adding your questions in the comments below!


Sign up to the webinar here!


We recognize that in trying to accommodate the time zones this time might not be the ideal time frame for some of you, however, a replay of the AMA will be available in the community later in the week.


*Please note that this event is being held in English.* 


We look forward to connecting with you virtually on June 28th at 1:00pm ET. Until then, please let us know if you have any follow-up questions.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Please submit your questions in the comments below for a chance to be answered during the webinar! 👇👇👇


The questions asked here will be prioritized and answered during the pre-selected questions portion of the webinar.


Want to rank my website ( not blogging type only day to day some result showing type) on google ? can not understand how to do it ? what type of thing should i learn (seo) ? some special tips in 2023 for ranking website



feel free to email me -

Specialist Specialist

You guys are trying, man. Awesome.

Waiting for the D-Day.

Thanks for your effort😉🙏🏼

...A lot of effect on us.😊-- You energize!

Traveler Traveler

Hi Melissa. I'm looking forward to this one!  I'd love to learn how to best merge school based instructional design with how to design courses for adult learners. The best of both worlds. I'd also like to learn more about immersive learning, interactive learning and even virtual reality environments and which tools you suggest we use for those. I'm just trying to take my student experiences, retention and completion up a a few levels. Thank you!!

Trailblazer Trailblazer

3am in Melbourne Australia so I will have to pass and will listen to the replay instead.


I've noticed that many people sign up for courses and never finish them. I'd like to do my best to design courses that people actually finish. Can you address that? Is it about breaking tasks down into manageable chunks, having small assignments throughout, or? I'm mostly interested in adult learners. 


Bobish Kandy

What is the best way to record a presentation?


Now i am making ppt and using Zoom meeting for recording.

Is there any best software to use; to make it more conveniently; by adding top animations with sound effects and narratives.    

Hi All! Looking forward to joining this.  I'm triple certified in Neuroscience and am a scientific learning designer.  I design learning that works with the function of the brain while teaching brains skills to the person doing the learning at the same time. 

I'd love to hear if others are drawing from science to help design more effective and optimized learning. 


Hi Melissa, 

I'm looking forward to your AMA. Do you have any recommendations for integrating hands-on exercises with video lectures? I'm especially interested in exercises for tech certifications that require working with online systems and data analytics.



Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello @MelissaBelardi , thank you for doing this AM.


(@RyanJaress thank you for organising this AMA).


Here's my question: what is the "optimal" size of a video lecture in a Udemy course?


By "size", I mean parameters such as the lecture duration, (and/or) the number of topics covered in the lecture, (and/or) the amount of information that the instructor wants to provide to the student.


I have always tried to create lectures that are between 5 to 10 minutes long, cover a single topic, and provide only the necessary amount of information.


Based on your experience, what is "optimal" for a lecture?


Thank you!


I can't see any of my Courses in Udemy facebook advert.

I have scrolled it many days?


Hello Melissa,


I'm wondering if exists metrics about the what type of course structures are better for selftaugth, I mean many of us in Udemy record lectures and then a small workshop, but not sure if it the best.


Also about metrics I want to know what features are proved as the best to increase course quality, with features I mean for example:

- slides colors

- software to show code

- embbed teacher face in the records.

- etc.


Thanks in advance

Storyteller Storyteller

Oh!  It's a great opportunity to sit together and learn from each other.  I'll definitely attend the webinar.  Here are some issues I would like to ask.

1) Some of my courses are just two years old.  Earlier, the courses had been rated very high. But for some months now, I witness that Udemy has stopped promoting the courses in some parts, especially my own country, India.  

2) Can we have a tool which shows regionwise/countrywise demand for a particular course 


Great! I hope that my level of English will be enough to understand you and converse with you! I have a question: I teach on ChatGPT, where and how could I submit examples of how to write prompts, as someone might do for a computer code writing exercise?


Super ! j'espère que mon niveau en anglais suffira à vous comprendre, à converser avec vous surtout ! j'ai une question : je fais des cours sur ChatGPT, où et comment pourrais-je soumettre des exemples sur la rédaction de prompts, comme quelqu'un pourrait le faire pour un exercice de rédaction de code informatique ?

Traveler Traveler

Hi @RyanJaress,


My question is: Some of my students write a positive but still they give ratings between 3-5 and that results in a decrement in the overall average rating of the course. I talked to someone from Australia, an experienced guy in sales and marketing and he said that it might be because of your accent or maybe a regional effect(I am an Indian). Is it true? What are your thoughts about it. 


Traveler Traveler

Will this session be recorded?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @salhiary


Yes, we will share the reply later in the week 😊

Trailblazer Trailblazer


I have just watched the replay which I found very interesting. I thought I would be provided with a feedback form to complete at the end. Did I misunderstand? No form showed up.