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New Board: New Instructor Challenge

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey instructor community!


We’re excited to announce that we have created a new space in the community for those who are working on the New Instructor Challenge. This is a space for those going through the 45-day challenge to create their first course. In this board, you can discuss topics specifically related to the New Instructor Challenge such as questions, success stories, feedback for the program, etc.


Creating your first course can be difficult, especially if you are doing it alone. This space will bring people together to collaborate towards the goal of becoming a Udemy instructor! 


What’s the New Instructor Challenge?

We’re glad you asked! The New Instructor Challenge is a 45-day program to help instructors publish their first course through Udemy! This program will help you create your course by breaking down the process and guiding you from beginning to end. You can explore the guidelines here.


How do I sign up for the New Instructor Challenge:

If you haven’t previously signed up for the New Instructor Challenge and you haven’t published a course yet, you can sign up here.


If you join the challenge and do not publish a course within 45 days, you cannot rejoin the program.


Who can join the board? 

This board is open to everyone within the community! We want to make sure that both non-published and published instructors can access this space to share their insights about creating courses. We just ask that you stay on topic and discuss various aspects of the New Instructor Challenge within the space.


Feel free to explore the new board here.


Have any questions about the program? 


Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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