New Month New Theme: AV!

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New Month New Theme: AV!

Community Manager
Community Manager

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Hey there instructor community,


It’s the month of May and that means we have a new theme for you, AV! Each instructor has their own ways of recording their content and we want to dive into improving your setup! 


So if you want to improve your home studio or recording quality for your online courses, this is the month for you!


To kick things off we have a question for you:

What can an instructor do right now to improve their AV setup?


Post your answer in the comments below! 👇

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Trailblazer Trailblazer

Hi @RyanJaress ,

This is a great topic for sure. I hope you do not think only at traditional approach of sitting and shooting yourself 😉

I am trying to simplify the process while keeping my content engaging. That’s why I have a very different approach to most of other instructors focused on “traditional AV recording process” – I rely on “Whiteboard animations” – so I have a very different “AV setup”. I found many benefits in this approach:

  • It allows me to entirely focus on my core – on content production, while to completely eliminate boring video editing, or expensive equipment like camera, lighting, etc.;
  • It allows me to separate Audio from Video recording process since I am not on the screen. I am recording my own voice over (based on my own script) – but it can be easily outsourced, which is a great opportunity for all of us non-native speakers;
  • You can even outsource “Whiteboard animation process” if you don’t have a software, or don’t like it. Yet, I prefer to do it by myself since it is a creative process, and I see it as an integral part of my content production – here I can play with visual elements and symbols as I like;
  • From a technical standpoint – it’s similar to creating content at Power Point. Yet, drawings make it much more engaging, while syncing voice over with drawings is very easy;

And, if you think this approach is not a good match to classic instructor’s Video recording process – just check “365 Careers” and their content at Udemy – they are killing. Here is the link:

Yes, they rely on a different software – “2D animations” – I have just started experimenting with this as well. For now, it seems as much more complicated, but you always have to spend some time on obtaining new skills – and, it’s always hard at the beginning 😉

So, instead of just talking about mics, cameras, lighting, video editing tools and similar – I would like to expand the topic to new possibilities based on technology – I think that’s the true “AV setup” discussion, challenging the basics.

And, I don’t mind if you guys would like this to be a separate topic. I am the first who would like to better understand new trends and what technology really allows us to do. Sitting and shooting yourself is good approach for sure, but just one possibility. Only one possible “AV setup”.