November Community Highlights

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November Community Highlights

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Hello!


We had a LOT to be thankful for last month, so today we are going to recognize the members who were the most active & helpful participants in the community in November. We’d like to give a special shoutout to @DeniseFletcher @TechiWIZ & @PhillipBurton !



November Community Recap:


Last month we hosted our first giveaway & over 100 lucky community members are now the proud owners of an “I Teach with Udemy” tee-shirt. (Please feel free to share pics of your shirt in the community!)


You can read all of the giveaway prompts & responses here:


Lindsey Marsh shared a huge milestone with us, she’s officially a Udemillionare


Frank Kane taught us how to self-publish a book & Denise Fletcher gave us some wise words to live by.


As usual, you had a lot of feedback for us, regarding the type of community you’d like to be a part of and the UB revenue process


This is the LAST month of 2021, let’s make it the best one yet!

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Traveler Traveler


Hello @ChrystieV,

Thank you very much for the shoutout.
I was not expecting that will get recognization in the community very soon.

Happy to be part of the Udemy community😃