November is done! Check out what we covered!

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November is done! Check out what we covered!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Instructor Community! The month of November has come to an end and we wanted to showcase the highlights of what we covered!


Community Member Shoutouts!

Every so often, there are community members who reach certain milestones and we wanted to shout out a few members who have reached the “50 Replies Given” in the community!

Congratulations to:

@Gaston Galarza 





Feel free to congratulate them in the comments as well!🎉🏆👏


Udemy in the News!

Here are some notable press mentions & announcements that you might’ve missed


How Do I Deal With the Guilt of Leaving My Job?

Publication - Girlboss


Udemy Releases the 2023 Workplace Learning Report

Publication - Udemy Blog


Udemy Launches a Podcast, Introducing “Leading Up”

Publication - Udemy Blog

Udemy Instructor Community

The month’s theme was instructor stories and we had a lot of content that allowed others to share their instructor experience.


This post will cover the events and top discussions that we believe you will enjoy engaging upon for instructor stories!


Top Discussions:

This month, we had a lot of engaging conversations that can help you strengthen your understanding of what’s to come for the holiday season as an instructor! Check out these top subjects discussed in November:


What did you do when you received your first negative review?- Share your experience with your first negative review and what you did when you received it!

Tell us a time when you overcame writer's block for your course.- Everyone eventually has writer's block! Tell us about a time you overcame the struggle and what techniques you have for others!

Who has helped you in your instructor journey? - Sometimes growing as an instructor means getting help from others. Tell us a time when you got some help growing as an instructor.




Instructor Stories Coffee Chat

On November 4th, we invited you all to share your stories in our monthly coffee chat! 


Within the meeting, there were a lot of heartfelt and inspiring stories on why some of you decided to teach on Udemy! This was one of our most engaged coffee chats to date and we cannot wait to host another one of the same nature!


Due to the nature of the conversations, we have decided not to share some details of the coffee chat. But don’t worry! We will be aiming to have more chats like this in the near future so stay tuned for further updates! 

Our next virtual coffee chat will be hosted this Thursday, December 8th at 10:00am PT. You can sign up for the event here!

Instructor Stories AMA featuring Jason and Tamera Dion!

Last month we had the pleasure to get to interview two top instructors on Udemy, Jason and Tamera Dion! We asked them various questions about how they got started and established as successful instructors!


You can catch the whole webinar replay here


This session is filled with great information so you won’t want to miss it! 

We have a webinar every month featuring guests that are masters in the field we are covering. By mid-December, we will be having our next monthly webinar featuring a workshop to help you create and stick to your goals! Be on the lookout for the announcement within the next couple of weeks.


Thanks so much to all the community members for sharing their stories about being an instructor and we are so excited to be closing out the year with our current theme of Udemy Principles!


Is there anything that you would like to see for next month’s wrap-up? Share your suggestions in the comments below! 👇

Gaston Galarza
Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Thanks a lot, @RyanJaress 🥳🥳.


I am trying to contribute and support in any way I can to this wonderful community .


Greetings to the whole community.

Storyteller Storyteller

Fico muito feliz pela menção. Feliz em poder contribuir e fazer parte.



Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Gracias por la mención!! Saludos!