October is finished! Check out what we covered!

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October is finished! Check out what we covered!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Instructor Community! The month of October has come to an end and we wanted to showcase the highlights of what we covered!


Udemy in the News!

Recently, we have been featured in a few publications and we wanted to share some of the top inclusions with you!


100 Best Large Workplaces for Women 

Publication - Fortune  


Giant Companies Are More Vulnerable Than You Think  

Publication - Inc.


CFO Daily - Big Deal 

Publication - Fortune


Platform for Struggling Private Universities

Publication - CNBC Indonesia


Zoom Classes: How to Cash in on Your Skills

Publication - The Guardian

Udemy Instructor Community

The month’s theme was Q4 and Black Friday strategy and we had a lot to cover to help you succeed with this subject! 


This post will cover the events and top discussions that we believe would benefit you regarding Q4 and Black Friday.


Top Discussions:

This month, we had a lot of engaging conversations that can help you strengthen your understanding of what’s to come for the holiday season as an instructor! Check out these top subjects that were discussed in the month of October:

What are your tips to succeed in Black Friday? - Check out some tips to help you succeed in Black Friday as an instructor!

Were there any Black Friday Promotions that made you purchase?  - Join the discussion about marketing promotions that led you to purchase during Black Friday.

Have questions about Black Friday strategy? Ask them here! - Curious about Black Friday for Udemy? Ask some questions here and maybe someone will be able to answer!




Q4 and Black Friday coffee chat

On October 7th we had a coffee chat that was focused Q4 and Black Friday experiences as an instructor through Udemy.


Take a look at what we have discussed!


Question #1 How have you prepared for Black Friday in the past?

  • Make sure your courses are up to date
  • Black Friday is a deadline to make sure that your content is polished
  • Promo videos are in the best shape
  • Improve your cover page to drive more conversions
  • Try to push through and get your course produced before Black Friday drops if you are working on course creation

Question #2 What are some tips you would share to succeed in Black Friday?

  • Build a landing page and pick out courses while pushing your affiliate link
  • Add new courses to catch the wave of the Black Friday promotion
  • Use marketplace insights to update your course wording
  • Wait until before or after the Black Friday sale to utilize your promotional announcement
  • Use proper tags when creating courses to show up to the right students
  • Make sure your course looks like someone lives there (constant updates and responses to reviews)

Question #3 What are some Q4 or Black Friday promotions that caught your eye in the past?

  • Steam Sales- Yearly scheduled sales that have large discounts on popular games.
  • BOGO Deals - Buying certain products that are included in bundles are very powerful when it comes to promotions
  • Genuine Deal - Deals that mention they are the ‘best possible’ sale and it turns out to be true.


Q&A Section

How can I reach students and get higher sales?

  • It’s hard to drive sales in a short period of time
  • Make the landing page more effective
  • Are you in the right category? Maybe consider a more niche environment to beat the competition
  • Do homework on topic sections and be more creative with your course creation
  • Understand your competition on what they are doing.

How many people have used Pay Per Click (ppc) model to market your course? Should you use it?

  • The group advised against PPC on their side
  • Most of the time you won’t yield a lot of results with this marketing outlet.

If you are looking to join the next coffee chat, we have our next one scheduled for Friday, November 4th at 10:00am PST! Be sure to join in on all the networking goodness by registering here!


Black Friday and Q4 Webinar featuring community champions!

Last month we had the pleasure to discuss various strategies regarding Q4 and Black Friday with community champions Rahul Lyer & Lindsay Marsh.





You can catch the whole webinar replay here


This session is filled with great information so you won’t want to miss it! 

We have a webinar every month featuring guests that are masters in the field we are covering. By the end of November, we will have our monthly webinar. Be on the lookout for the announcement within the next couple of weeks.


Thanks so much to all the community members for sharing their knowledge about how they strategize for Q4 and Black Friday through the month of October.


Is there anything you would like to see for next month’s wrap-up? Share your suggestions in the comments below! 👇