Q2 Centerpiece is LIVE!! Let’s promote together!

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Q2 Centerpiece is LIVE!! Let’s promote together!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Instructors!


As you likely know our Q2  Centerpiece kicked off on May 14th around the world. Our quarterly sales event features fantastic discounts designed to inspire students to invest in their education and purchase your wonderful courses so that together we can transform more lives through learning. I know the idea of a discount may not be appealing, but at the same time the more people we can tempt into their first purchase, hopefully, the more we can encourage them to be repeat buyers. 


One of the things we are doing differently this quarter is testing both “sale” language and more “outcome” based language associated with helping get the skills to become a future leader. We will see which performs better and use this to influence future messaging. 


We have also partnered with 8 Brand Ambassadors for a 6-month term to help us tell the Udemy story and create user-generated content (UGC) which we have already proven to perform better than some of the more “traditional” promo creatives. This program is currently only consumer-focused, but we're already discussing how we can expand these efforts to support Udemy Business soon and how we can get our instructors involved in creating UGC. 


We know performance hasn’t been where you wanted it to be with some of our marketplace numbers, but I hope you see we are focused on continuing our growth journey and investing to drive success. The centerpiece presents a wonderful opportunity for us to push forward together. By coming together and promoting the Centerpiece, we can reach more learners and boost course enrollments.


Your enthusiasm and support are crucial for the success of this event. Let's make this the most successful Centerpiece yet and help more students achieve their learning goals! If you can take a moment to reshare, like, and comment on these Udemy posts we can all help drive traffic together. 



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Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work.

Trailblazer Trailblazer

Actually, I really like the centerpiece sales. Agree with new customers results in future long-term revenue. New students who enroll in my courses not only can be promoted later by Udemy but also by my own promotional announcements. Plus, lot's of little sales can add up to big results. Of course, anyone would want to sell lot's of sales for a higher average price. Thanks for sharing @GenefaMurph976 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @SteveBallinger love the attitude - the more we engage the better it is!


me I really like the centerpiece sales and get new students

Mohamed Eid
Specialist Specialist