September Community Highlights

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September Community Highlights

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Hello!


This month we want to recognize the helpers. The instructors who take the time out of their busy schedules to mentor you, answer your questions & educate the entire community! We took a look at the top Kudos earners for last month and would like to give them a shout out below!





Top Community Contributors:


Each month we recognize members who were active & helpful participants in the community and this month, we’d like to give a special shoutout to : Lawrence Miller, Kyle Pew & Sharon Ramel!

September Community Recap:


How about we kick off last month’s recap with the most engaging (and uplifting!) posts of the month? Kyle Pew shared his incredible milestone of hitting 1 million students! Read his story here.


Udemy announced it’s newest instructor initiative, the Instructor Partner program. You can learn more hereAnd just in case you missed it, Udemy released some VERY exciting numbers!


Have a great month! 😊