The Udemy Business Content Opportunities tool is now live!

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The Udemy Business Content Opportunities tool is now live!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Udemy Business instructors,


We often hear that you’d really like to know what it is that Udemy Business learners and customers want to learn next, so you can create new courses — or update the ones you’ve already got. So we’ve created a new tool, currently in beta, that allows you to see what’s in demand.


Think of it as a complement to Marketplace Insights, with information about the specific areas where we want to better serve business customers. Currently, it allows you to view a filterable list of subjects across 10+ languages put together by our Content Strategy team, and there’s more to come. 


If you have a course with at least a 4.2 rating across 25 ratings (English) or 10 ratings (non-English), you're automatically in the beta – you can check out the new tool now. Additionally, you can read more about Udemy Business content opportunities in the Teaching Center. 


And, of course, please let us know what you think.


Teach on,

Ryan Jaress

Specialist Specialist

Looks interesting. My question is that the "domain" selections seemingly do not correspond with the topics selectable when creating a course, for instance "IT and Software""Network Infrastructure", etc.    "What does this mean ? Are those domains on the list the only topics considered for UFB ? 

Mentor Mentor


The link takes me to the courses page. Is this correct?


Mine is showing "content opportunity " what it means Screenshot_20231206_134022_Chrome.jpg