The Udemy social media team is looking for Instructors to feature

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The Udemy social media team is looking for Instructors to feature

Community Manager
Community Manager

UPDATE: The deadline has passed and the social media team is no longer accepting submissions.


Hi instructors!


October 5th is UNESCO World Teachers Day.


To thank you for all your hard work and contributions, we want to highlight your achievements and showcase your stories as Udemy instructors. If you’d like a chance to be featured on our organic social media channels, please send us a horizontal video (video guidance linked here) of yourself with some quick answers to the following prompts. If you’d like to provide some responses in your native language, please also provide responses in English. Since we want to feature as many of you as possible, the more concise the better. 


To submit your video content, please upload your files to a shared folder (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box) and email with the links by Friday, September 16 — we’d recommend recording separate clips when addressing each prompt. 


By submitting a video entry, you consent to Udemy using your content on our organic social media channels. Please note that we can't guarantee we'll use all footage submitted. However, some submissions may be considered for inclusion in future posts.


  • My name is ____, and I teach with Udemy. (pause) I have [number of] students and I teach ____.
  • In a few words, what influenced you to teach with Udemy? / Why do you do it? Please give us one sentence that starts with “I teach because…”
  • In one word: how would you sum up what it feels like to teach/share knowledge? Please start your answer with “It feels _____ to share my knowledge/teach on Udemy/see learners all over the world learn from me.”
  • Optionally, we’d love it if you would wish your fellow instructors a “happy world teacher’s day”


Muslim Helalee
Storyteller Storyteller

This is great


I love it! thank you


I was interested in participating but just noticed your request today. Your deadline is tomorrow. Next time, if possible, please provide a couple of weeks "lead time" for submissions from instructors.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Malcolm, we will still be accepting submissions until the end of the day tomorrow but I completely understand that not everyone has enough time to record the video. We will surely strive to communicate these opportunities with more notice in the future.


Thank you very much for your feedback!


Hey @ChrystieV and @Bella, this is a fantastic opportunity and I would love to participate! I am recording something on September 19th at my studio and will add this to the list. I know it is after the deadline, but I will record it anyway, and if you folks can include it that will be great. If not, that is ok too 🙂


Hi @ChrystieV 


I submitted one to the email. Hope it gets approved and would love to see where it ends up!


Here is a link if you did not get the email. 


@ChrystieV I'd love to participate, but given the fact that I only have 228 students in my course I'm not sure whether you are going to feature me on your page.

Ejiofor Umeano

This is great news. I will participate

Traveler Traveler

Hi @ChrystieV ,

Thank you for the detailed explanation.

Just to make sure:

  1. Should each of the four prompts be recorded separately?
  2. In the third prompt, should only one option be selected? For example:
    "It feels amazing to share my knowledge".
    Is that enough? Or it should be extended? (for example, "on Udemy", "with learners all over the world", etc).

Thanks a lot,


I was interested in participating, but I only found out about your request today. Tomorrow is the deadline. If possible, please provide a number of weeks of "lead time" for instructor entries next time.

Sunil Tatkar
Trailblazer Trailblazer



I have sent in my four video clips. Hope you love them enough to be featured.


All the best for the event! 


Cheers and regards,


Love it!

Just submitted the video 🙂


Dr Bart Jaworski

Sent my submission, hope to be a part of this project 🙂

Submission Sent. I am hoping to get featured, fingers crossed 😄

Storyteller Storyteller

The short notice will impact the number of instructors who are able to submit.


I submitted one for each prompt as recommended in the submission guideline and kept them short.


I hope we'll get to see the final product for instructors who are selected. Will it be a montage?


Good luck everyone!




Ted LeRoy

Storyteller Storyteller

@YasserFarahi, 228 students sounds like a great start to me. You should be proud and submit even if you only have one student! 🙂

I hope you submitted and your video is used in the promo.

Kind regards,