Tips to help you prepare your course for our upcoming Black Friday sale

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Tips to help you prepare your course for our upcoming Black Friday sale

Community Manager
Community Manager

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Next month, hundreds of thousands of students will be shopping for courses. To set you up for success, we have some tips to make your content even more compelling.


Refresh your course

Students can see the last time a course was updated or even filter search results by newest to oldest. Adding fresh, relevant information can put your content at an advantage. It also helps reassure students that what they’ll be learning is as up-to-date as possible.


Add helpful extras

Everyone loves a good deal  — especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Adding practice activities is a great way to increase the value of your course. If you haven’t already, try including one or more of the following: 



How are you preparing your course for the big event? Let us know in the comments!

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

..... I am sadly removing assignments as after a few years of asking frequently and patiently waiting for Udemy to make this feature available on the App - they still have not and it seems to have no intention of doing so. Given the irritation, angst and outright frustration this is to students I feel I have no other option. I have tried workarounds such as having it available as a PDF suggesting they can add their responses to the Q&A for feedback - this has not quelled the flow of disappointment. I have tried adding assignments as an article again saying if they want feedback - all to no avail.

I suggest that NO instructor add assignments - as attractive as it is, yes the students love them... but... you will hurt your star rating as they rate us down on this platform issue. It matters not that I say you are rating the course and my delivery, content etc.

Or do have good news given you have promoted assignments here @Lili . Certainly, many other changes are being made so why not this one?

Is there a deadline by which we have to have a new course submitted for review so it's included in the promotion? I'm recording a new course as fast as I can but I still have a way to go!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@SharonRamel - I'm sorry to hear about your continued frustration with the assignments feature. Unfortunately, I do not have any updates for you at this time.


@DaveH - There is no set deadline, however, we do recommend getting your new course in as soon as possible. This will help ensure that your new course can gain some social proof prior to the Black Friday sale.

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

@Lili please - Assignments has been problematic and broken for a very long time - there is seemingly no desire to fix it. So why are you still promoting it? It is instructors that face the backlash from it....

Yes, Assignments and Quizzes are rarely well received, Assignments can be particularly problematic.
A lot of students, especially UFB students, don't answer them at all, and even if they do, it's not a proper answer. And they find it very irritating that they have to answer them in order to get a certificate.
Many companies probably force their employees to complete courses, and get the certificates, and they have to do it in parallel with their routine work, and deadlines etc. So they prefer easy watching, and don't want to really think, or write out answers. And when they are forced to, they get really irritated, and this often affects reviews and ratings too.

In fact, a few months ago, this company in Singapore enrolled literally hundreds everyday into one or two of my Courses. These students were completing the entire Course within 10 minutes ! I reported it to Udemy, but it did not help. 

Some students answer beautifully, but they are a minority. So net-net, especially if your Courses are on UFB, don't have Assignments, and have a limited number of quizzes.

In preparation for Black Friday, I recently turned all my assignments into text lectures.


I'm now having to deal with far fewer complaints about course completion/certificates and my overall instructor rating has begun tracking up.