Upcoming changes to the coupon system

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Upcoming changes to the coupon system

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Instructors!


It's October, which means you're probably thinking about how to launch new content, promote what you've already published, and set yourself up for success for Black Friday and beyond.


Since we know you're already planning your coupons for November, we wanted to announce some coupon system updates that will be rolling out soon. We designed these changes after conducting analysis, running tests, and reviewing feedback to better understand how learners and instructors use coupons. 


 Here's what we found:

  • Free coupons can be valuable for learners and instructors when used in a targeted, thoughtful way, but...
  • "Viral" free coupons tend not to lead to much learner engagement or instructor benefit, and can actually make it harder for new instructors to compete
  • Coupon creation today is clunky and time-consuming (as you've told us many times)


And here's what's changing:

  • Later this month, we plan to replace the "Unlimited" free coupon with an "Open" free coupon that has a lower redemption cap but a longer redemption window.
  • As part of that same change, we plan to replace the "Limited" free coupon with a "Targeted" free coupon that can be redeemed by more people.
  • In early 2022, we plan to introduce a bulk upload tool for coupon creation that will let you create coupons for multiple courses in one place. It will also let you schedule coupons to go live at a later date/time.


These changes are designed to encourage more thoughtful use of free coupons, and to make it easier for you to manage all coupon types across your courses. For the full scoop, including more about the research behind these changes, read on in the Teaching Center.