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We've upgraded the Messages tool

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Hi everyone,


We heard from you that managing Q&A and direct messages can be a challenge, particularly for instructors with large student audiences. We recently introduced tools to help reduce the time you need to spend on Q&A. Now, we're happy to announce we've made improvements to the Messages tool as well.


Here's what's new:

  • Students will now be prompted to indicate the type of message they're trying to send. If it's more appropriate for Udemy Support or for the course Q&A, they'll be rerouted.
  • Instructors now have the ability to turn off direct messages.


Our goal is to make it easy for you to get your students the help they're looking for, whether that's from our team or yours. We believe these changes will help students get help faster, and free up time for you to focus on the things that drive your business forward.


Read the full scoop in the Teaching Center, and let us know what you think!



As someone who is just preparing the first course I was wondering how one manages the flow of questions and the ever growing need of students for personal attention. 


From the way you structured it now it seems that one can plan according to the time available which is flexible and allows more freedom. So it sounds well aligned with how I would need it. 🙂 


Thank you!




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Community Champion



Thank you Udemy team!

Thank you!

This is awesome.


How do we actually turn the message feature off?


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @JoshuaGeorge You will need to follow theses steps:


1. Navigate to your Account page and select Message settings.

2. Select Turn off direct messaging and click Save. You will no longer be able to receive or send messages as an instructor (for any of your courses). 


When a student attempts to send a message they will see a notification indicating that the instructor has turned off direct messaging, and that they can look for answers to their questions in the Q&A and Help Center.


You can find more detailed information in this article .


Eliana Cerna

Udemy Community



Awesome, thank you! 🙂 

I love it when students contact me directly. However, I believe it will be great for students to get alternative means of assistance. 

Thank you for the feature of opting out of direct messages. This way students will learn once and for all to use the Q&A section for course questions and avoid wasting time.


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