What’s new with coding exercises: August 2022 update

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What’s new with coding exercises: August 2022 update

Community Manager
Community Manager

Over the years, we've heard repeated requests from those of you who teach programming courses to improve our coding exercises tool. We’re happy to tell you that we've prioritized improvements to coding exercises in the coming months so that you can create hands-on practice opportunities that encourage course engagement. 


While we tackle some of the bigger opportunities, we wanted to let you know about some fixes and updates we’ve already made:


  1. You can create coding exercises in Python 3.10. This was a common request and we’re hoping you can take advantage of the new language immediately!
  2. You can edit coding exercises after publishing them. Previously, you could only delete and recreate a published coding exercise. Now, you can simply unpublish it within the course, make your updates, and republish.
  3. Learners can save time by copying text directly from the coding exercise descriptions and pasting into the activity portion of the exercise.


We’ll continue to keep you posted on the changes we make to coding exercises. Feel free to visit the How to Create a Coding Exercise article in the Help Center to learn more!