What’s new with coding exercises: February 2023 update

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What’s new with coding exercises: February 2023 update

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Instructors,


We're excited to announce that our improved coding exercises are now live! There’s a fresh new look, new guidance features, and an expanded language library. Here's a summary of the key improvements:


  • A (familiar) new look  – With an IDE-like interface, your coding exercises will look just like what a learner expects to see in a modern dev environment. 
  • A tool that teaches – Because “wrong answer” never helped anyone figure anything out, you can now provide hints, solutions, and related content to each coding exercise.
  • A getting started guide - A set of steps and best practices to help either build your first coding exercise or to improve your existing ones.
  • A growing language library - You can now create coding in C# 11 and SQLite 3, bringing the total number of coding exercise languages on Udemy to 22.


You can learn more about these changes at this Teaching Center article. We hope you enjoy these new features and please let us know if you have any feedback or questions. Happy coding!


I see courses that support a lot of languages which is great

Storyteller Storyteller

I'm struggling with Udemy's coding exercise implementation, finding it somewhat convoluted and challenging to navigate. I prefer the way Leetcode handles their exercises, with a clear method signature provided and the requirement to implement the method accordingly. Leetcode then automatically runs tests to check if the code produces the expected results for a known input