What’s new with coding exercises: May 2023 update

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What’s new with coding exercises: May 2023 update

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Instructors!


We’ve made some major improvements to Udemy’s coding exercises to provide a better experience for you and your learners. Here's an overview of the key improvements:

  • It’s never been easier to create a coding exercise with our new step-by-step creation flow and example pool. 
  • We integrated AI into the coding exercise builder for Python, C++, and Java coding exercises. You can now generate solution code, test cases, and evaluation logic for exercises in these languages and then customize as needed. This is initially only available to English instructors, but we will be expanding our language options in the upcoming weeks.
  • In the course engagement section of the performance report, you can now see coding exercise insights, including how many times an exercise has been viewed, dropped, and completed. This provides deeper understanding into your course performance and opportunities to strengthen your exercises. Additionally, in June we'll release a new “Practice Insights” page with more performance details on individual coding exercises.

You can learn more about these changes as well as the progress we’ve made over the past 9 months in the following Teaching Center article. We encourage you to try the new experience and share your feedback! We're always looking to improve based on input from instructors like you.


Code on.


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