March Feedback Post: Give and get feedback on your course!

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March Feedback Post: Give and get feedback on your course!

Whether this is your first or fifth course, it’s always helpful to hear from other instructors how you can improve your course content to be even better. Each month, we create a feedback thread where you can ask for feedback and share your feedback too.


Before you share your course content, check out our self-promotion policy and read these quick guidelines:

  1. Be specific. Share what you’re looking to improve or things you’re concerned about so your fellow instructors can provide targeted feedback.
  2. Upload content directly. Whenever you can, directly upload a video or course outline to our platform so it’s easier for other instructors to check it out.
  3. Don’t share course links or instructor coupons. This is a space to share and receive feedback, not sell to other instructors. If you want to reference a course, share the full name of your course without linking it. Instructors can find the course by clicking on your community profile and going to your instructor account on Udemy.
  4. Pay it forward. If you’re asking for feedback, look over someone else’s course and give them some feedback too! Always try to give more than you ask for.

 We hope this feedback thread can help you create even better courses!


Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team
3 Replies

Hello Friends!


I am a Theatre and Meditation Facilitator where i am in the profession of creating workshops and seminars around both of these subjects. I have send one video for testing for last few days but received no reply. Hence i am posting an Invitation video on 'Theatre for Kids' for age 11-15 years to receive feedback on the video from you all. 


Looking forward to receiving constructive feedback.

Best Regards 


Dear all, 


Hope you are well. I would gladly give feedback on someone else's course.


Also, feel free to give feeback on my video, which is part of my course "Introductory course in Biotechnology".  



Stay safe,



Hi Eric, I am new to the game am willing to give feedback in exchange for feedback.


Take care,


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