Published My First Video Editing Online Course

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Published My First Video Editing Online Course

Hi guys!


Glad to share that Udemy has approved my online course! It's my first ever online course Smiley Happy


The course is titled "The Invisible Art Behind Video Editing"




Just a short introduction about myself, i learn video editing through self learning, lots of research, practicing and working as a part-time freelancer.


I was fortunate that my video editing skills were appreciated by my ex-client (i was eventually hired as a full-time video editor) Smiley Very Happy


There's something i must get off my chest.. being a full-time video editor and working on this video editing online course (almost everyday for 1 month plus striaght till late night) was alot of work.. and just when i thought it was completed, i listened to the audio quality again and i couldn't accept it, so i re-recorded all my lectures (took another 2 weeks) with a better mic and finally i was convinced this time it's much better.


It was definitely alot of hardwork to publish an online course and i salute all publishers in the community, you guys know how time consuming it is.


I still enjoyed the process though and it's a achievement for me, i hope the video editing knowledge and skills that i can pass on to others can help grow even more professional video editors and make awesome video contents!


I would love to hear other's journey of launching their first online course! Smiley Very Happy


Thanks for reading! Smiley Very Happy


Mark Lim

Cat Buddies TV

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Re: Published My First Video Editing Online Course

All the best @MarkLim , now the real work begins. Marketing and making your course visibly shine in the marketplace. 

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