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Software Training and Software License



I would like to teach a course on Catia V5 CAD software. This software/tool is used to create the 3D models of automobile parts. The price of the license copy of this CAD software i.e. Catia V5 starts around 5Lac INR. This means any instructor on Udemy like me won't be able to afford to purchase for creating course here.


I have seen many courses on same software on Udemy, and seems those are not created on license copy of software. It means it was created on pirated copy of that license.


My question is, creating course on such software would lead to an issue to me or Udemy? Is is okay if I create the training course on same pirated software? Does Dassault System (Catia V5 license provider) would have any issue?


If you won't understand my above queation let me ask in simplified way,


Do I need to purchase license copy of Microsoft PowerPoint application from Microsoft to teach a MS PowerPoint on Udemy?

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Mohseenahmad It is important to us that instructors posting courses on Udemy respect applicable laws and the intellectual property of others. When instructors post courses on our marketplace, they make the promise that they have the necessary authorization or rights to use all the content contained in their courses.


If you have any doubt or concerns about the legality of the content in your course, we would suggest you consult with an attorney.  We are unable to provide legal advice.


Please review Section 4 of our Terms of Use to learn more about content and behavior rules, our Intellectual Property Policy as well as our trust and safety policies for more information.


Eliana Cerna

Udemy Community 

Thanks for the reply.


I believe that the training videos uploaded on Udemy by the instructors don't have license copy of Catia V5.


I am still not received proper answer. It looks like Udemy don't have any filter / screening to verify that all material uploaded are 100% legal. 


Udemy is best platform for students as well as instructors. But this license related concern will resists any instructor to upload any course. This query came in mind but may not come in everyone. Others may make mistake. I would request you please conclude. It's only Udemy can resolve my query legally. 


However I had chat with one of your customer support person. He said something different. See below chat Id and chat history.





(07:26:43 AM) *** Mohseen Tamboli joined the chat ***

(07:26:43 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: I want to teach Automobile part design using Catia V5. The license cost for the Software, Catia V5, is around 5-10lac INR.

However, I have seen few courses from instructors with similar software and I believe that those are not licensed copy.

What is the policy of Udemy towards the license copy of training softwares? The software we are teaching needa to be licensed?

(07:27:16 AM) Robbie: Hi Mohseenahmad


Thanks for writing in

(07:28:04 AM) Robbie: f you think that the material that you are using might be infringing upon somebody else's idea or content, we would suggest not including it in your course. The easiest way to check whether it is ok for you to use somebody else's content in your course is to contact them directly and ask for their permission.


Ultimately, Udemy cannot advise on any copyright issue and takes no responsibility for the material that you place on our platform. Remember that you retain the rights to all of the content that you place on Udemy and that we are simply the platform through which you deliver that material.


Here are some great resources to help you get started:


[Teaching Center](😞 find articles about teaching on Udemy – from course creation to marketing your course

[Marketplace Insights](😞 Use this tool to explore and help validate course topics by analyzing marketplace supply and demand.[Course Quality Checklist](😞 a helpful checklist to ensure your course meets the minimum requirements

[Udemy's Official Insights “How To” Video Courses](😞 get started with the Course Goals course This course covers best practices for designing an impactful learning experience and features tips from some of our top instructors. We’ll guide you through our recommended course creation process and share helpful resources to help you get started.

[How to Become an Instructor: FAQ](

(07:29:00 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: I think you couldn't understand my question.

(07:29:12 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: It's not about copyright.

(07:31:02 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: The tool / software, which we are teaching need a license copy. For example - If I am teaching Microsoft PowerPoint. Do I need licensed copy of Microsoft PowerPoint? Do I need to show license?

(07:31:48 AM) Robbie: Of course not

(07:34:39 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: So in similar way, the software, Catia V5, I am going to teach to the students no need a licensed copy? Because the license cost for the same software is starts with 5 Lac INR. which any instructor can't afford.

(07:35:33 AM) Robbie: As long as it is not part of our restricted topics then you can go ahead and do it:

(07:37:09 AM) Robbie: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?

(07:37:42 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: I am still not received answer to my question.

(07:38:32 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: Can you share this chat history with someone from Udemy expert who can help me with?

(07:39:38 AM) Robbie: You can go ahead and publish a course in that topic, if you need students to purchase something in order to complete your course then no it can't be done, all the information should be free

(07:40:27 AM) Robbie: Like you said, if you teach how to use Microsoft Powerpoint, then you don't need any type of licence from them in order to do it

(07:40:35 AM) Robbie: the same with the software you want to teach

(07:41:32 AM) Robbie: If I create a course on how to use Linux for example, I don't need the approval from Linux to do it, I can just publish a course

(07:42:52 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: Yes thats correct. But you might need license copy of Linux right? Or not? If o am teaching Windows 10 OS

(07:43:07 AM) Robbie: No, nothing, you can just publish the course

(07:44:49 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: In other way, If I am publishing a course on training on Windows 10 OS, in that case I don't need license copy of windows 10, right?

(07:45:00 AM) Robbie: correct

(07:45:35 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: No one from Microsoft will ask Udemy or me to show the license copy? Correct?

(07:45:44 AM) Robbie: No

(07:45:54 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: Okay that's great.

(07:45:59 AM) Mohseen Tamboli: Thanks.

(07:46:19 AM) Robbie: It has been a pleasure helping you out today. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

(07:47:09 AM) *** Mohseen Tamboli left the chat ***







Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Mohseenahmad We're sorry we can't assist more in your question about the legality of the content. The agent you spoke to is correct that we will remove courses that are found to contain restricted topics, including illegal or unethical activities.

When instructors post courses on our marketplace, they make the promise that they have the necessary authorization or rights to use all the content contained in their courses. If you are unable to do this, then you should not proceed with publication.


Eliana Cerna

Udemy Community 


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