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Quality Review Process: notice on wait times Best answer

Hi everyone,We've seen a recent spike in new courses submitted for review, leading to longer waiting times when publishing new courses. The Quality Review team is working on serving these requests as View more

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Best Instructor Posts of All Time — Course Creation Best answer

We want to help you make more and better courses, so we’ve compiled a list of the best discussions about course creation for folks to read. We hope these conversations and tips help answer the most View more

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A list of useful sources for instructors Best answer

Hi guys, I thought it could be interesting to have one post with a list of all the usefull sources for instructors, like music, graphics and software.... I started with what I usually use and with View more

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existing course Best answer

hello, i am brandnew here, love udemy, and was looking into the option to create a course myself, but i was questioning if it is possible to also create a course with already existing material? My View more

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What is the next step Best answer

Hello I have finished my course, when i submited for view, they asked me to send an email for the verification video ....What is the next step ..Thanks View more

Language effect on earning

Hey hope you all are fine. I have made my first course of Software requirement engineering. I have made my course in urdu hindi. The content in the course is in English but it explained it in urdu View more


HiIm just beginning to create my course and i have some typos in the info. How do i edit please? View more

Digital marketing

Should I need any certificate to make a course on udemy and what is the process for launchy a course on udemy View more

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Profanity Best answer

What's the deal with using profanity in your course lectures? I tend to swear quite a lot in real life, not for everyone I know. In writing these lectures though I've found that adding in the odd View more

Waiting for pubblication

I have created my first video and send it for verification but after over a week I still cannot see my video online ready to be purchased.What am I supposed to do? Thanks to the View more

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Paypal account creation

I wish to create my PayPal account to create a paid course in Udemy. Which type of PayPal account should I create? Personal (or) business ? PS: I am from View more

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How to get students for my course

Hello Friends, Please advice I have created course on Vedic Numerology first time, how to get students who buy course. Please give tips and share your experience. ThanksTarunn View more


Hi, I want to teach Tableau Public 2020 in Udemy and have made videos on how to use the software using caselets. Its a free software available for downloading Do I need to take permission from View more

Took a hit during first course creation

Hi, I know you guys have heard this before, but I'm new here and trying to get my first course published. I spent some time and money creating a course, used images I had a licence for, used Doodly View more

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First course and I'm getting this doubt

Hi all, I have just successfully published my first course, I did my best and I believe I gave as much value as I could but I can't help but feel this feeling of doubt that "what if months later and View more

Business vs Individual profile

Hi all, hope you're doing well!I wanted to ask you what are the implications of choosing to register as a Business or an Individual profile in Udemy? I am located in Bulgaria/Europe.I was planning to View more

How to join udemy as a tutor

I want to join udemy as a tutor for publishing course on Python Javascript and MachineLearning . So I upload a test video of 3min and submit that video. I want to ask is This the only procedure to View more

Multi-stage course publication Best answer

I've started to develop a course here and it's taken a lot longer than I anticipated. I'm 3 months in already at full-time effort. I estimate another 3 months at least and the whole thing is looking View more

45 day challenge

Hey,I wasn't aware about the 45 day course challenge, but I did release my course in 45 days. Any chance to participate now 🙂? View more

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What is sociology?

Hey! I am jawaria zafar I am new here so I have no idea to how to make it more sale generating you would ask any question about sociology and society. View more

Image use and copyrights Best answer

Hello, I am trying to design a medical related course where I would want to use anatomical pictures. Does anyone have suggestions of where I can find images that do not break copyright laws depicting View more

Marketing & Selling Best answer

Hello,Literally just got started. 1 course published and 2 more in review. Tips on how to start selling & marketing? Thanks in advance. View more

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First-time Course Creation
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