First-time Course Creation

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Best Instructor Posts of All Time — Course Creation Best answer

We want to help you make more and better courses, so we’ve compiled a list of the best discussions about course creation for folks to read. We hope these conversations and tips help answer the most View more

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A list of useful sources for instructors Best answer

Hi guys, I thought it could be interesting to have one post with a list of all the usefull sources for instructors, like music, graphics and software.... I started with what I usually use and with View more

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Helo please i need help in my course i discovered some background noise , but my main voice is more louder ,even after using audacity there is still some , will udemy approve such please? View more

First Course Paid or Free? Best answer

Hi,Community I am Waqar new here on this great udemy platform just about to finish my very first course. I am wondering either me should publish my very first course for Free or Paid [set a price] View more

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I sent my course to friends and colleagues and my LinkedIn followers. Many of them have posted a review almost a week ago but I cannot see almost 50% of the reviews. Is their some sort of policy of I View more

Submitting A Course

Hello My Fellow Instructors, I hope all is good I was having a problem submitting my course curriculum and its content, I've sent the E-mail with the Video and the ID and the Legal Statement, but View more

Link in article does not open in a new tab Best answer

Hi Udemy, I have some links in articles in my course. When students click on the link, it opens up in the same tab. This means that it goes away from the Udemy website. This is not ideal for the View more

TAX Issues Best answer

Hi guys,I want to start teaching here at udemy but, I have not used tax before because in my country, We pay TAX indirectly. Now udemy is asking me for a TAX form, can Anyone help? Am from View more

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Graphic editor

Dear sirs. I have created the Dega graphic editor, the main purpose of which is to do the process of creating educational videos as convenient and simple as possible, as well as provide a convenient View more


I have created course on Debugging Techniques. This course is technical and i want trafiic for this course. How to get more traffic for this. View more

How to upload my first course

Hi,I am an English Language and public speaking tutor ,I chose to to my teachings in an audio format over PowerPoint ..How do I post my promotional 15minutes lesson and the premium courses View more

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backdrop colours

Need some help on recommended colours for yellow good ? or any other colour recommendations besides the green screen View more

How to make my first sale here, Best answer

Hi I completed all my bios in the first go, and the course now has 4 Hours plus video material with interaction. On the subject that I have a lot of experience in. How do I make my first sale. View more

Uploading videos

I am experiencing problem uploading video's,I have more,720p solution but it readsFailAgain I uploaded 3 minute video and it says ,I have one minute videoWhat might be the View more

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Hi guys I made a video after editing I found out the mb it's over 170 but of good quality , and it's just 10minuts video , will udemy allow such ? Or what do you have to say please ?. View more

Nervous About it All Best answer

So I'm not completely new top online teaching. I am currently a teacher working in a K-6 classroom andam constantly doing zoom meetings, and uploading worksheets. On here, I'm teaching stuff that I View more

New course

Can I upload free half course on udemy and will tell my students on the description or one of the videos that the complete course will be out very soon , will udemy take that ? View more



Am new

Hi, do student easily get notice of a course ,like am new if I upload my first course will it be easily seen ? Teaching Django . View more

Software for quiz

Dear Colleagues I am new her and I would like to find out which software can i use to create quizzes for my course Makhosi View more

Animated Japanese letters videos Hi everyone, I would like to ask if someone can assist me and tell me which platform or video editor I can use to help me make Japanese Kanji letters spilt and animated View more

Submitted for Review - Questions

I just submitted my first course for review. I completely understand that there may be longer wait times due to everyone and their brother uploading courses rigiht now. 1. I clicked 'verify' and then View more

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First-time Course Creation
Decided to take the plunge and create your own Udemy course? Check out some incredible Udemy success stories, and get inspired by your fellow instructors!
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