First-time Course Creation

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Best Instructor Posts of All Time — Course Creation Best answer

We want to help you make more and better courses, so we’ve compiled a list of the best discussions about course creation for folks to read. We hope these conversations and tips help answer the most View more

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A list of useful sources for instructors Best answer

Hi guys, I thought it could be interesting to have one post with a list of all the usefull sources for instructors, like music, graphics and software.... I started with what I usually use and with View more

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Manage students access to a video Best answer

Hello, I am new on udemy and I still don't have published a video yet so I think I still dont have access to all menu to check how the platform works. Context: I would like to create a private video View more

Why the reviews are not visible

I have recently published my new course.2 of my students enrolled in my course and left me the review for which I received the email also from udemy that I got 2, 5-star reviews and a few more to go View more

why course take time to go live

Hello my friends. Am a new tutor and have being trying to upload my course after uploading i was told to send short video of introduction of myself i did till now, the upload still showing half way. View more

Approving course publishing

Hi, I am preparing my courses in flow its own logic an sending them for approvals. I am happy with the response times and thankfull to the team for this quick actions in these workload. The courses i View more


Creating the course in udemy for the first time. I have uploaded the test video on 1st May 20 and waiting for the response. View more

test video

I have already submitted my test video before 12 days till now i did not get any response.And it was mentioned in 2 days i will get feedback.Any one can tell how much time will it take?I am really View more

New Teacher

hello I would like to join the Udemy as Teacher. I can teach Html css and Ruby on Rails in Arabic View more

uncerified account Best answer

hay guysi hope you can help me out.i get my course all ready, filmed and used all my own vedieos, it sead for me to put all my detals in, so i did, and dubbecl checkt the informashion, it declint it View more

Other Teachers on my Course Best answer

Hello, I created a course with my friend. We built the curriculum together, I filmed and edited, and he is the one speaking on camera. The course is supposed to go on my page, but how do I add him as View more

Minium age to publish a course.

Hi, my name is samuele, i'm italian and i want to publish a course. I think the only problem is my age: i'm 17. Is it possible for me to publish a course even if i'm underage? A few days ago, i've View more

Uploaded my first test video on Udemy

Hello there, Uploaded my first test video - Udemy said it will take 3 quite days to review the test video.I would like to know by when udemy will keep posted on this with feed back inputs. How do we View more

My first Video

Hi all; I'm creating my first video and I don't know which software is the best to record the video? I tried the flashback express 5 but there is a problem with the voice when I'm silent. So which is View more

Identity Verification

Why are they asking for Identity Verification Video?Why there is so much delay after sending Video?Kindly suggest to speed up the Identity Verification Process. View more

Related to my test video

Hey guys,I am litttle bit confused because I uploaded my test video on22-04-2020 but till now I did not get any response. Please someone tell me why?I am loosing my patience. If someone is aware View more

Life Motivation tips

Hello guys Im making videos for Life Motivation Tips who is interesting to watch it I'm just sharing my thoughts guys.. View more

unpublished lecture Best answer

Hi guys I have 4 vidos that are saying htey are unpublished. i have published 6 vidioes sucsedully, ive tried deleating them and rea installing them mutable time, but its still saying unpublished, View more

Tons of random enrollments in free course. Best answer

I just posted my first course on Udemy for free (at least for a little while) in order to drive traffice. Overnight I aquaired ~300 students, and I have no idea where they came from. None of them are View more

Copyright Best answer

Hello Friends, I want to know if I want to create a Math course. Is it allowed to put the content same as another website's math course content (index, structure, topics, subtopics.....) ??? Audio , View more

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First-time Course Creation
Decided to take the plunge and create your own Udemy course? Check out some incredible Udemy success stories, and get inspired by your fellow instructors!