5 facts about Udemy statistics to be success before Black Friday sale

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5 facts about Udemy statistics to be success before Black Friday sale

Good day, instructors from sunny Ukraine


I have watched the next Udemy webinar.

Understand that not everyone has time for 1h video
So I just wanna share some statistics facts with you.


It can help you in creating a new Free or Paid course... To analyse the TOP courses. And be more effective like platform instructor.


  • Fact1

Udemy learners use multiple devices, so my idea to record also a zoomed screen for mobile. Also the value of video is to teach. Need to think every time what student can take from specific lesson


  • Fact2

Udemy find stundents in Google like a main search pool. So use trends and SEO helps to understand if Google already have some courses in TOP 10? Than need to analyse why they are popular. And compare with SERP of udemy. 



  • Fact3

Sure its basics that need Plan. But nobody know what plan is better and why? My idea is simplest you have is better for you. "Bad plan is better than no plan"


  • Fact4

Keys to understand like a student. Its very obvious but think that helps to create a Course description. To motivate student, to inspire and to believe in that he change life after the videos...


  • Fact5 

Before creating a Course, think on demand of videos. Are they really helpfull? What is level of student. Why you are better than competitor. Try to write that in Excel and to write down main points for cool description on Course page.   



If you like the slides, let me know and I can continue to update that Topic

Have a nice analytics and fun sundays....


Best Yan

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @learnwithyan Happy Saturday! 😊


Thank you for taking the time to share these tips that were covered in the webinar. It will be helpful for instructors who may not have time to watch it complete. 


Best regards to Ukraine!



Thank you @Bessy 

I will keep update the post with new tips


Best Yan

  • Fact6 

Content matters. So try to focus on the grain you are giving to students. The format of slides is 2 thing. But main idea is to sent strict message. 


  • Fact7

You never know what topic is trending before use of Market Insights from Udemy. Thats really gold tool for those who understand it


  • Fact8

Market insight tool + Google trends helps to understand 2 key things:

1)Is your topic is needed on Udemy

2)What country its releveant.


If your idea to promote "JavaScript objects" for Spain but that topic more popular in Canada so better to use "Canada style". Search for Canada SERP and digg in that way.


  • Fact9

Be unique. Try to find competitor gaps 

I always think how to keep my course better than other in content and way how its organized


All of the above is aimed at students who when they enrol want to watch the course. And they enrol BECAUSE they want to watch the course.

I have 40,428 active learners. They average 33 minutes a YEAR. Those figures are inflated as some press Fast Forward and complete a 100 hour course inside 15 minutes.

I have 160,000 individual students (not enrolments, students) who have never ever watched anything.

So - why do they enrol?

a. free coupon

b. special promotion

c. Udemy promotion (sale)

d. they intend to watch one day

e. the Completion Certificate

f. the Diploma awarded if they finish (fewer than 20 students have achieved the Diploma)

Of the above perhaps worthy of attention is the Completion Certificate as that has the name of the course on it. I had an A level Business Studies course - aimed at 16-18 year olds in school. I changed the name to pre-MBA (which of course is true) and sales rose quite considerably as the Completion Certificate has on it 'MBA'.

Other Instructors have a course that is 'Internationally Accredited' and worryingly, Udemy allows this. I am on a course that is Internationally Accredited. Within 10 minutes I was able to print my own certificate - in any name I wished - saying I was an Art Therapist. (Normally takes 4-5 years). I checked the International Accrediting body as they're based about 10 miles from me. They accredit ALL your courses for a flat fee. I've met students who think they're a qualified Child Psychologist, qualified Art Therapist and a whole host of other 'qualified' titles because the course is 'Internationally Accredited'.

I won't go down that route but some Instructors do and I am sure it boosts sales. 

In fact in one of the Internationally Accredited courses a student raised the question in the Q/A as to which country accepted this International Accreditation.

His post was deleted.

So, what's in a name is very very important as that's what goes on the Completion Certificate. Exactly which route you decide to take is up to you.

I must go now as I have an hour and can do a COMPLETE EMDR Therapy course in that time. Later - if I have 44 minutes - I can get a Child Psychology Diploma which "Be able to practice professionally as a Child Psychologist". I could get both if I fast Forward, of course. Two different Accrediting Bodies, both International. 

Thanks for your thoughts 

  • Fact10

90% users use phone like a video player

Need to record videos for small devices also. Try to be impressive and set length of video to 15min


  • Fact11 just for development cources

Practice tests and coding exercises helps to boost the course.  

Many voices tell me that udemy learn cost nothing because of lack of practice. Youtube is same - no practice. So 4-5 lessons helps students to dive deep to the code and practice


  • Fact12 not every user has huge laptop

In coding courses and also where docs are showing to the student, need to think about

the display resolution. If you can zoom in your screen, just do it.

Some my friends watch udemy on iphone so its really important to help them also.



  • Fact13 landing page is the Face of your course

My recommendations is to describe course as some very clear idea. So use just simple words but make a point on key moments. So before writing the text, have a chance to read 5-10 competitor texts. Students read also. So video cant help to boost the course without the text with relevant Keys.



  • Fact14 course metadata like SEO for website

My recommendations is to analyse the courses and find CORRECT title for youself. I mean try to name the course like if you search that topic first. Use some google keywords also.

TIP: not use abbreviations. As for me 'JavaScript' is better than 'JS' is for course SEO.


  • Fact15 course landing page is also like SEO for website

My recommendations is to analyse the courses and find CORRECT title for landings. Sure you can be expert in some small niche. But try to find some usefull words for students, so they eat your data like a fish


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