Can we add section and lecture after Publishing a course

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Can we add section and lecture after Publishing a course


I  am Ankur, a new member of this group,

I am creating one course but it is 70% ready, can  I publish it now and add the remaining content after publishing.

Please suggest ...


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Yes, you can add lectures and sections as you wish. However, I would not publish an unfinished course. It will likely result in poor reviews that will be hard to recover from. Be patient. Finish it as your best possible product. Then improve it as you develop your skills and get feedback.


Lawrence M. Miller

Thank you very much for answering the question by explaining it very well.

Thanks sir

Dear Ankur,

Yes, you absolutely can add new sections and lectures to your course after it has been published. Udemy's platform is quite flexible in this regard, allowing instructors to update and refine their courses even post-publication. This means you can continue to enhance and expand your course content based on student feedback or as new information becomes available.

However, it's important to note that your course should be 100% complete before you publish it. This is crucial for a few reasons:

  1. Student Experience: A complete course ensures that students have a clear understanding of what they are signing up for and can immediately start learning without waiting for additional content.

  2. Course Reviews: Early reviews can significantly impact your course's reputation. Incomplete content might lead to negative reviews, which can be hard to overcome even after the course is finished.

  3. Udemy Guidelines: Udemy has quality standards and guidelines that need to be met for a course to be published. A partially complete course might not meet these guidelines.

  4. Course Structure: While you can shuffle sections and lectures around after publishing, having a well-structured course from the start is essential for a coherent learning experience.

Therefore, I recommend finalizing your course content and ensuring it's complete before publishing. This will help in maintaining the quality and integrity of your course and provide the best learning experience for your students.

Best of luck with your course 👍

Hello @Ankurbanarj086 


Great to have you here, I had the same question but now it's clarified that we could edit our course after publishing.


You can add after it has been published.

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