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Pasted below is the welcome intro to the new course we are publishing under Udemy with the title, Learn Christology the Mideast Peace Recipe.

We sincerely hope it will gain much acceptance as it seems to us to be unique.  It is as if we are breaking a new ground.

Carefully study it and let have your unbiased feedback, please


Dearly beloved,

My name is Paul Omoloria Umane.  I am a Premium Instructor @ United Humanity Academy under the platform of Udemy, Inc


Highly esteemed student, the Mideast Peace Recipe Part 1& 2 are primarily built to meet the yearnings and aspirations of World Leaders that are genuinely interested in brokering Peace in the Middle East, the Gateway to global peace.


As renowned Christian and Muslim Leaders in your own rights, Umane Paul does belief you are already well equipped to successfully undertake any of the courses by taking a jolly ride with the Academy. 


Hey!  Someone once asked Umane Paul why he bonders with the Mideast issues while the legions of challenges confronting his own country, Nigeria, are left unattended? 


The simple answer he gave is that he is inspired by his personal experiences on the ongoing huge carnages and wanton destructions of human and material resources in the Mideast, in particular, and the entire globe in general. 


To achieve the set objectives, a program that comprises Two Academic Course Sections has been carefully designed. They are designed and packaged to meet the requirements of the teaming population of peoples around the Globe that are seeking enrollment.  


In a nutshell, the Two Course Sections are intended to impact Sound Knowledge of Christology on the Christian, political and Muslim Leaders.


It is to impact sound knowledge of Christology so that they in turn will be able to train their citizenry, followers, subjects and or workers on how to correct centuries-long Religious imbalances.  They are imbalances that consigned some of our Fellows-humanity to public odium; ridicule and total destruction. 


The program is equally designed to re-orientate the minds of those adversely affected by the religious imbalances to drop the indoctrination that stipulates: Death to the Jews; Americans; and to the Christians.  


We provide the training program because we realize there cannot be Peace and harmonious co-existence without Justice!


NOW hop in and take a mind boggling ride into any of the Course Sections of your choice that promises you nothing, I repeat, absolutely nothing but Justice and Fair Play.



Paul Omoloria Umane
3 Replies

Hi Paul, some of your English is very puzzling - whilst it is excellent for someone who is not fluent in the language I cannot see how you are going to attract English speakers if they are who you are after. I have no idea why I am going to enrol in your course. What are you teaching me? Why is your course going to make a difference in my life?  I wish you good luck on your Udemy pathway.

Sharon Ramel
Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess of the Blue Rose

Thanks Sharon,

Please bear with me especially as I am not here to teach English but Christology the Mideast Peace Recipe, which in my estimation, is the Gateway to Global Peace and Harmonious co-existnece.

Well, except you are one of the Christian or Muslim Leaders, you have nothing to worry about as the course is not melt for you.

Principally, the course is designed for Christian and Muslim Leaders that are well grounded in the knowledge of the Holy Bible and Koran. 

We impact them with the knowledge of Christology so they in turn can train their subjects or followers on how to correct centuries-long Religious imbalances. 

They are imbalances, which consign some of our Fellows-humanity for too long to public odium; ridicule and total destruction. 

We designed them to re-orientate the mindsets of those that were adversely affected to drop the indoctrination: Death to the Jews; Americans and Christians.

Paul Omoloria Umane

Your answer to Sharon was more insightful then the long description you originally offered. In short, what is your elevator pitch? In other words, if you stepped on an elevator and someone asked, "What is your course about? What will I learn?" You only have the time it takes to get to next floor to explain it to them, so your answer has to be concise. Start your description with your elevator pitch and then expand on that. Readers who are interested will continue to read to learn more... but if they have to read paragraph after paragraph just to try and figure out what the course is about, chances are they'll pass on ot and look elsewhere. 

Something for you to consider.


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