How to submit a course with no problem

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How to submit a course with no problem

Please give me some advise 

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Hi @KrishanKuma293 Happy Monday! 😊


If you are referring to submitting a course for review that passes the Udemy quality process. 


Below is a checklist of the minimum standards a course must have in order for it to be published on the Udemy platform. 

  • At least 30 minutes of video content
  • At least 5 separate lectures
  • Valuable educational content (learn more)
  • HD video quality (720p or 1080p

You can find this and more information about it in this article.


Let me know if you have more questions, or if you are referring to something else. 


Best regards, 



Hello everyone, friends, I will be glad if you tell me or help me too. In fact, I compiled a course with more than 5 lectures and almost 3 hours of video material, but I can’t submit it for review because the checkbox is not checked. I can’t understand what the reason could be. There are checkboxes in all the boxes, but not on the course yet. although the lectures are filled with video material and printed files and photos. I will be glad if you help, Thank you

Hi @AndrewK067   Welcome to our community! 


What is the message you are getting when you try to submit the course for review?

Generally, the system pops up what is missing in the course that stops you from submitting it, as the screenshot shows.






You can see that and more information in this article.


If you see that everything has been filled out and the course should be submitted for review, please contact our Instrcutor support team for further review. To contact our team, you need to go to the "Contact Us" option on the right in the same article above.


I hope this helps, 


Best regards, 

Hello friends, another window appears for me, supposedly I need to continue filling the course with information, but the course already has 12 parts in which there are 63 lectures and 2 hours and 49 minutes of video. And I can't send it for review. Please help, thank you!


Hi @AndrewK067 I'm happy to help you. According to the screenshot. It seems you have missing content. Please check all items in the curriculum, and make sure you don't find "content" as shown in the screenshot, if you see it, this means there is missing content to that lecture, so you will have to add the video, or article or remove the lecture. Once you have done this you should submit the course for review. 



I hope this helps!



Udemy Community Moderator 


Hello, Eliana!

Thank you for your helping but I don't have this marks about missing content! All my lecture and videos looking fine and actually I don't understand what the problem is

in any case, thanks for the answer, maybe there are some other ideas on what the problem could be


Hi @AndrewK067 The best thing to do now is reach out to the Instructor Support team, they will be able to check your account and guide you through the process. To contact the team, please open the help center article here and click “Contact Us” on the right. Thanks for your understanding.



Udemy Community Moderator 

Hello Eliana! I wrote to the curator in support but unfortunately did not receive a response. Also, I edited my course and I am sure that, taking into account the requirements of the Udemy platform, everything is ok. Tomorrow I'll just add one more video to the last lesson and that's it. I would be glad if any of you help me fix the error. I would like to launch my course ASAP! Thank you for understanding and support!

Sincerely, Andrew

Hi @AndrewK067


We completely understand that you are eager to publish your course on the marketplace, and I’m truly sorry that you experienced issues during the creation process.


As much as we would love to help here in the community, unfortunately, we don't have access to account-level information. Therefore, the best course of action is to follow up with support directly. I'm confident they will get back to you as soon as they have an update.


Thank you so much for your understanding. If you have any other questions, we are happy to help! 

Hello MarinaT,

Thank you very much for your answer, I wrote to the support team via chat, but they didn’t respond. I don’t understand at all what the error could be. I don't have any error notifications or any missing files. I'll be waiting for a response from support!

Thanks again!

Hi @AndrewK067


I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with getting hold of our support team.

Can you please send an email to


Thank you so much! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the issue will be resolved soon. 



Hi  ElianaC, Thank you so much for your time! I will do it asap! 

Sincerely Andrew

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