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Point me in the right direction please!

Hi everyone,


I'm called Long, a new member to this interesting group, and I hope all of you are doing very well!


Indeed, on 01 June 2020, I officially published my very first course: "Artificial Intelligence, a complete introduction" in Udemy.

Honestly, I've been working very hard to create the course in the best effort that I could and it took me 6 months to complete. I've spent a lot of time in designing the lectures, scripting, recording, and creating many practical exercises. The subject is also hot (with a badge Hot&New), so I was eager to see how my course would be registered by enthusiams.


However, things are not as we dreamed. Although I know clearly that it would not be easy to get a number of students of the first time, I've been still so disappointed: after two months, there've been only 35 paying students! (The rest have free coupons).


Actually, I've been quite active on several Facebook groups of the subject, I created my own Youtube channel, my Facebook page, and notably, I've been running Facebook Ads to promote my course. But when I looked at my FB Ads statistics after 1 days of running the ad, I found that there'd been over 100 clicks on the link to my Udemy's course, but NONE of them buy it, although that link gives them the lowest price coupon!

What happens with my landing page? Or with my course in general? I even don't know.

Specifically, there had been in average 1 purchase by day (mostly by the affiliate marketing program), but since 1 week ago, there has been no one buying the course! That really depresses me.


So I'd like know if any of you can give me some advices, or even just share the same situations so that we can over come  the difficulties.


Any of your help would be much appreciated!

Thank you all.


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Community Moderator

Hi @LongNT,  Welcome to our new community home! You might want to take a look at this great thread where instructors shared some marketing tips: https://community.udemy.com/t5/Marketing/How-can-I-market-my-course/m-p/435


Also, can you edit your post to remove the Course link (click "options" then select "edit message")? We don't allow self-promotion (course links included), but you can share a video in the community directly, thank you.


Mery Mejia

Udemy Community

Hi Mery, thank you so much for your comment. I already removed the link as you asked.


Actually, I always know that great thread post of Lawrence Miller and I've been trying to follow those golden advices. However it seems not to work for me at this time.


As explained in my post, there seem to be something missing in my landing page, because from Facebook Ads statistics, I've found that there've been over hundred clicks to my course's page but none of them buy it. So I hope I could receive some advices from experts here who have been overcoming successfully such kind of problem.


Many thanks.


@LongNT wrote:

As explained in my post, there seem to be something missing in my landing page, because from Facebook Ads statistics, I've found that there've been over hundred clicks to my course's page but none of them buy it. So I hope I could receive some advices from experts here who have been overcoming successfully such kind of problem.

Maybe this helps: https://info.udemy.com/perfect-promo

It seems that you are right on track. Generating $50 to $100 revenue per month with the first course and getting a "Hot and New" Badge is fully in line with what you should expect for your first course. Like (almost) any other business, Udemy isn´t a get rich quick business.

You are in a very competitive field and there seems to be no USP (unique sellling proposition) for your course.   

Keep on making courses and your revenue will (exponentially) grow. You have a strong academic background in your field, which is a plus. I guess you can create longer, better and more unique courses. 





PS: Don´t waste your money with paid (Facebook) ads. Given the low course prices, it doesn´t pay off.

Thank you, Alex, for this very helpful comment.


You're right that my course is in a very competitive field, but I have no choice, so I have to try as best as I could to improve the course and try to find different marketing strategies than Facebook ads (which I've found a kind of trash)


Best regards.


Dear Thanh-Long,

First of all, congratulations on making you first course!! It's a very hard work.


AI is a very, very hot topic. Therefore, it is very, very competitive. So it takes a lot of time for the new course to get traction.


One idea for you. Since you have lived in France for a while, you probably speak French very well. And since your name is not French (pardon-pardon me if that's wrong!), maybe you speak yet another language.  So what about creating the same course in the other language(s) you speak?


From the first glance, the English audience is way larger. But! The competition is also way larger. So it makes perfect sense to create courses in another languages - you get way less competition. You have a niche. 


And another point is - once you already have a course in English, then creating the same course in another language will take you way less effort (than you spent creating English version).  You've done most of the work to create the course(s) in other language(s).


Hope this helps,


Good luck,


With kind regards,







Hi Vlad,

That sounds a good idea. Yes, I speak French and Vietnamese as mothertongue. May be I will try with these two languages in the near future.

I guess you speak Russian because I see that you have several courses in Russian. You're doing very well, hope one day I can do as well as what you've done today.


Many thanks for your comment.


Dear LongNT,


yes, I speak Russian as a mothertongue. Thank you so much for the kind words!


With kind regards,



I want to pick up on the Facebook ads thing... alot of instructors find they don't work well for online courses. Have you thought of joining sub Reddits? Reddit is a great place to find people asking questions on your topic.


It sounds like your start wasn't all that bad and that maybe you need to shift your expectations for a while. In my first month on Udemy I made $50. I now make $2000 dollars most months. It took time but I built a student body some of whom liked my style. Then I hit pay dirt with a course in a topic with high demand and a moderate number of courses. If making money is the goal, the marketplace insights tool is your best friend.


I spent alot of time studying how to write a landing page and record a promo to increase conversions. Dave Espino has a good course on this.


Also, checkout Louise Croft's guide to Udemy earninfs on YouTube.  Her channel name is Digital Nomad Girl. She really inspired me and also helped shape my expectations when I first started teaching on Udemy. I also have a video sharing my experiences and how I managed to increase my income.

Hi Eve,

Thank you for your helpful comment.

After reading this post of Scott Duffy: https://community.udemy.com/t5/Stories-Inspiration/Udemy-Promotion-Schedule-Remainder-of-2019/td-p/2...

I think his analysis is quite logical. If he is correct, so this month (July) will be a quiet month because our students are throwing themselves on the beaches.

In addition, many posts and comments like yours confirm that the first months should not be expected an income over 100$, it needs time! So I understand, what I have to do now is to focus on improving the course and building its students.

My goal is not only making money but also this field is what I am really living for. I hope the best efforts will be rewarded.

Congratulation to what you've done. Hope that one day I can reach that.

Kindly regards.


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