Starting a course in a saturated subject

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Starting a course in a saturated subject

I’m in the beginning stages of creating a course in different aspects of film and video production, specially in post production, visual effects, and motion graphics. I’ve seen after doing the udemy insights that this subject is fairly saturated. Does anyone have any advice on making a course in a saturated niche? 

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If it’s something you plan on devoting time to, then do it. When I first started on Udemy, I did a keyword search and there was nearly 900 courses on the topic I was planning a course on. You need to work to get your course to do well. Answer student questions, use your educational announcements to benefit the students. Overall go above and beyond your students expectations.

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You can sell courses in a crowded niche, but you'd better have a plan for how you're going to compete:


1) Reviews/Rating

2) Length

3) Number of Niche Courses

4) Title/Subtitle Keywords

5) Description/Promo

6) Recently Updated

7) Student Support


And the foundation:


😎 Have a great course.


Hope this helps,



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What is your unique selling point @bcottington85 , how is your course going to draw me in from the crowded marketplace? What alternate ways of presenting your topic are you bringing to make you a go to pro? What literal and lateral steps have you taken to make your offering so compelling that it leaves the others looking amateurish? 

Good luck with your course. I have no experience in a crowded area however I have forged my way to success from the days when my subject had no keywords to search for my subject. 

Sharon Ramel
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