Struggling to get buyers, I need an honest opinion.

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Struggling to get buyers, I need an honest opinion.

Hi guys.


Been struggling to get buyers on Udemy, my landing page visitors are sitting at close to 400 but I only have 1 student.


I have changed my landing page and my promo vid a couple of times already, no luck.


I need a really honest opinion about my course, what should I do to improve it?   I'm so confused right now I put my all into it, I just don't know what to do anymore. 


I've seen some harsh comments on other posts like this by other instructors, one commentator mentioned that the poster's accent was too thick and hard to listen to..


I will really appreciate even the harsh comments like that, they will help me improve my course at the end of the day.


Check out my course on my profile it's the only course I have ATM.


Thank you.





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Hi @ElaJones 


I took a look at your course I would say you have two hurdles to overcome. One is easy, one isn't. The first is the price of your course. Very few students will pay $90 for a course from an unknown author. Most won't pay $90 from a known author. They will just wait for the next sale and pick it up for $9.95. I would suggest lowering your price to $19.95 since you have no track record. 


The second is there are currently 2,300 courses on PHP rated 4.5 or higher. Let me ask you an honest question. Why would a student purchase your course (from an unproven, unknown author) when they can purchase a highly rated course from well established authors? This is the problem you are facing. And you are not alone. MANY new and newer instructors face the same problem. 


So, what can you do? You will need to do your own marketing and draw students to your course yourself until you can get some sort of track record on Udemy. Note that Udemy does market courses for us but in most cases they will not spend their ad dollars on marketing courses from new authors when there are others, highly rated, from established instructors that are a better investment for them.

I completely agree with you on the first point, and I'll lower my price.


And I partially agree with you on the second one. Yes there's thousands of courses on PHP, but PHP got different subjects and concepts. And students got different areas of interests. It could be hard for me to compete with highly rated instructors if this was a biginners course, because that area is highly competitive. 


But advanced concepts like OOP are not as highly competive, I guess because not every instructor is willing to do the hard work of really learning the advanced concepts. My course shows up on the first page if you do a search for the concepts I offer. We all have our different ways of learning and teaching, somebody might prefer my way of teaching (if I maybe fine tune my course). I know a lot of highly rated instructors that I wouldn't buy their courses, just by looking at the free preview vids.


Thanks you very much for taking time to reply to my post. I really appreciate it.

Hey Ela,
In my opinion, there could be 3 main roadblocks:

1 - The course promo vid, your course promo vid should cover quite a lot of topics in a short amount of time (90 seconds is ideal, keep it under 2 minutes), but here's a great tutorial on that:

2- It is possible that you just have higher-rated competitors, so as a student you'd probably go with the one who has the higher rating.

3- Maybe just the topic that you have chosen doesn't have a lot of search volume, maybe just the people who learn PHP interested in another topic, You can check the "Market insights" on your topic and you can do a small research about the keywords that you can use.

P.S - I had the same exact problems with my first course, I had better high-rated competitors and to be honest, they had a better course than I had, but now in my second course, I'm targeting a high-searched topic that doesn't have a lot of competitors.  

also maybe you should try volume up the sounds a bit and removing the background noise as I suggested to you in one of the posts.

Good luck,

Matan Naveh

I really need someone, or several people, to check out my course and tell me why no one is buying. I’ve driven traffic to it through Google ads and Instagram. I have 1200 free students and a high rating. There is no other course like it. I had the price as low as $12.99 and then I raised it because I thought people might think it’s not valuable. I spent a year building it and I’m so discouraged!!

Hi @NancyOsier1134 - This is a very strange title for a course: "Therapy Prep 4 Kids-Families getting a head start on therapy".


I cannot tell from the title exactly what the course is supposed to cover. It's almost seems like you have combined a title and subtitle into a single title.


If the title isn't clear, what search criteria would potential students use to actually find the course? I would suggest you make the title of your course more concise and clear as to what the course is about.


Also, check your competition. How many courses exist on the same or similar topic? This is one thing the VAST majority of new instructors never bother to do before creating a course - checking to see what competition already exists. If there are more than 5-10 existing courses rated 4.5 or higher, you are going to have a very difficult time getting sales.


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