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To Improve and Change Course Title

Hello to all,


I have created a whole food plant-based and call it "Learn to Cook Easy and Delicious, Healthy Asian Cuisine".    The sales are slow.  I have started a website, youtube channel and Instagram but all have few subscribers.   I know it will take time to build a sales funnel.   


Being new to this game (teaching online), I feel that the course title might be too long.  It is not a strong title that attracts the viewer to click and preview the course.


I am a Malaysian.  The course focus on South East Asian cooking from Malaysia, Singapore, Thai cuisines like healthy  Chinese stir-fry vegetables or noodles, Malay food or Singaporean style of cooking.  


I would be appreciated it if any of you could suggest a COURSE title that stands out !!


Should I ........ maybe include words like vegan, Chinese,  any suggestion and modification are very welcome!  HELP !!!


Thanks a million,

Linda Clucas (Healthy Asian

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @LindaClucas


You have a great question and I wanted to jump in and provide a few tips from Udemy! We always advise for you to ensure that your course title is eye-catching, informative, and search engine optimized. From your title, students will want to know:

  • The course topic
  • Who the audience is (beginner, for managers)
  • What they will get from it (an action or outcome)

The following are some things to consider when choosing your title:

  • Is your main keyword included early (in the first three words), but not overused?
  • Does it use words/phrasing that potential students are likely to search for? refer to the list of keywords you’ve created
  • Is it action oriented? Does it communicate achievement?
  • Does it make you want to click on it? answers the search intent, is aspirational and compelling
  • Does it create an emotion that you want students to feel? Use words and modifiers that communicate accomplishment and value

Hopefully other instructors can chime in with a few course title suggestions for your topic! 😊


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community 

Hello Bella, so very kind of you to provide all the above great tips.


Can you kindly comment on my course title: "Learn to Cook Easy and Delicious, Healthy Asian Cuisine"?  Is this title attract you to check out the course on the Udemy platform?


Any comments will be highly appreciated.


Best regards,


Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @LindaClucas - welcome - here are a few thoughts - then use your sub-title to expand what they will learn. Good luck - this is a long term proposition - I am delighted to see you realise this.

Learn My Secrets for Success to Cook Delicious Asian Cuisine

Everything You Need To Cook Delicious Healthy Asian Cuisine

Cook Delicious Healthy Asian Cuisine: Dos and Don'ts

Sharon Ramel
Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess of the Blue Rose

Hello Sharon, Thank you so much for your great suggestion about the course title.  I am grateful and appreciate your great ideas.


Best regards, Linda

I'm writing from Thailand, where I've been eating tons of delicious healthy food! I think your title can use some pizazz. Someone used the word "secrets," and words like that draw the eye. There are probably a ton of FREE Asian cooking classes on YouTube you're competing with, so what makes yours special and different?


Also, I quickly scanned your course page. If it's all vegan, that would be key for the title, in my opinion, in case someone uses the main search bar on Udemy's homepage.

I totally agree with you.  You are right, the course is teaching vegan Asian meals.  Thanks a million I am much clearer now about what words to include in the title.  Thanks again, very kind of you for contributing your thoughts and ideas.   Do take up the free course I offer on Udemy platform, the title is "Chinese Dining Etiquette & Healthy Asian Cuisine Cooking" .


Best regards,


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