"Unpublished Section" - What does this mean?

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"Unpublished Section" - What does this mean?

On the Udemy page where you build your course, I'm in the Curriculum section under "Create your content". I see that Section 1: Introduction was already added for me with the ability to add content. I attempted to add a second section and when I did so, I see, the words "Unpublished Section". What does this mean?  And I don't see an option to add content to the section. How can I create a new section and add content?

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Hey @RandyMinder, you should see a "Publish lecture" button somewhere in the course curriculum. You can find more info about adding content to a lecture in this support article. If you're still having trouble while publishing a section, feel free to reach out instructorsupport@udemy.com with the course name and lecture number and they'll gladly troubleshoot further.


Hope this helps!


Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team

Hi Abbie - According to the documentation you referenced, the only time I will see a Publish button is if I've already submitted my course for review. However, I cannot submit for review because I'm still building it out. It seems odd I cannot publish my changes, so I can see how everything is going to look, untill I submit for review. Am I missing something?



Hi Randy,


I ran into the same problem just now: I could still add lectures, but no new sections, it would always show 'unpublished section'. I already set the price, so that wasn't it.


After some messing around I found a simple solution. It seems to be some bug. Here's how I solved it:


- I moved the 'unpublished section' up until a lecture of the previous section dropped inside

- Now the section is no longer showing unpublished and I can add new lectures

- I add a new lecture, the first one of that section

- Then I drag the lecture of the previous section back into that previous section


Et voilà!




I tried moving my unpublished section up and down, but it still doesn't allow me to add lectures.  Any advice?

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

HI @AlexGodinez778 You just need to hover your mouse and click the + icon that appears and you will need to add a lecture under this section. If this doesn't help please reach out to instructorsupport@udemy.com. 


Eliana Cerna

Udemy Community 


I had the same problem until I noticed that the length of my training did not exceed 2 hrs. Which is the maximum course length for a free course....So I simply set a price to my training and all was fine. Hope this helps.

Thanks @UnitPeter688  - It was almost one year ago I asked this question and I figured it out since then. 🙂

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