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Studio U

Studio U is a space for aspiring Udemy instructors to encourage one another and learn from published instructors.

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Published Instructor Club

Published Instructor Club is an exclusive space for published Udemy instructors to discuss topics, such as marketing and course management.

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How can I market my course? Best answer

 Some version of this question is one of the most common by instructors so I thought I would write this, which is a summary of advice from many experienced instructors. I have compiled a list of things you can or should do to market your course. None of these are short term or an instant path to ric... View more

send invoice to Udemy

Hi!I have "one person company" and want to sell courses as company, not personally - this is what I send as TAX declaration.My accountant told me that I need to send Invoice to Udemy for payment I received from one course (it was already transfered to my PayPal account).I can create this Invoice, bu... View more

Let's welcome our new members! [May 2024]

        Hello ,We're delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest members who joined us in the Instructor Community in May.    Let's take a moment to welcome :  @Abdul862, @AbdullahAlSobail, @AbdulRehman977, @Adward986, @AgboKingsle919, @AkramNajjar181, @AkuomaKeren162, @AmandaWeave595... View more

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Creating Certifications Aligned with Udemy Courses

Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek guidance on a matter that I haven't found any references or prior posts about. We are currently developing certifications that are in the process of obtaining ISO accreditation. Our goal is to align these certifications wi... View more

Text to Speech

Since text to speech is now allowed, so let's share some of our experties on this. I know for sure that an instructor who doesn't know his topic, will not get lots of enrollments if he is making his whole account around courses made using text to speech, but here we are talking about know what you a... View more

Hot and new badge duration

Hello   Currently what is the duration of the hot and new badge? It was 60 days, however I'm under the impression that not it is 75 days? I know there is something about two week period of no promotions?   Thanks and Happy course creation! Ron   View more

Any tips for me

Hi am new here as an instructor i teach sewing, knitting and crochet stuffs. Idk what kinda experience am gonna have on this platform but hopefully  i think ill have a good one here. If you can help me with some advices or tips that i should follow i would really appreciate it thank you in advance. View more

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