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Studio U is a space for aspiring Udemy instructors to encourage one another and learn from published instructors.

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Published Instructor Club is an exclusive space for published Udemy instructors to discuss topics, such as marketing and course management.

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Issue with address detail on the form for foreign taxpayers

It's very important, please help.    Udemy asks for Permanent address while filling the W-8BEN form for foreign taxpayers to reduce the withholding tax. That's fine.    But the problem is that they ask for House name or Holding number and there is a red star on that — which means I must submit that ... View more

Promo Video - optional? Best answer

Happy New Year all, I am a first time course publisher (in-waiting). Quetion: Is the promo video optional? I have possibly been asked to change it, and I am thinking 'can I delete it and live without it?' but seems like there is no option to delete a promo video. So the only option is to rework and ... View more

Let's welcome our new members! [June 2024]

      Hello ,We're delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest members who joined us in the Instructor Community in June.    Let's take a moment to welcome :  @SarahOsborn926, @ElsaJao1122, @RPriyanka737, @JeffreyDoss074, @HaileyK, @MaryChidieb800, @MariaAngeli526, @Anjali-Yogaendless,... View more

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Multiple unrelated courses

What if my courses will be somewhat unrelated to each other, is that okay? Because I'd like tocrestr courses related to spirituality, paranormal studies, music production and multimedia.   Basically the thing that connects is that the courses mainly has a subject on intuitivity of various things tha... View more

Do Lesson Descriptions boost your SEO? Best answer

I'm wondering if writing Lesson Descriptions helps with your course SEO when searching within Udemy.I put out an Excel course about 2 weeks ago, and I truly believe it is better than most courses on the 1st page when searching "Excel". But, as of now, my course is on the 55th page. (I've been promot... View more

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