New to the community? Start here! (Welcome Video)

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New to the community? Start here! (Welcome Video)


Welcome to the community! We are truly happy that you've joined us. This quick video guide will be walking you through how our community works and what you can expect on your journey. There’s a wealth of information and many ways to interact, so here’s a quick rundown on where you can find important information and resources: 



Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or suggest new ideas. We all have been newbies at some point, and we are here to help you at each step of the way. Our members and moderators are very friendly (and very knowledgeable!) and will do their best to answer any questions you have, no matter how simple or complex they are.


See you around! 👋

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Hi everyone, my name is Gladys Mezrahi and I am new to online courses. I have in-person workshops and always felt that I connect and engage personally but feel that I have a lot to offer and want to try to get my courses online. I welcome all the advice.


@GladysMezrahi wrote:

Hi everyone, my name is Gladys Mezrahi and I am new to online courses. I have in-person workshops and always felt that I connect and engage personally but feel that I have a lot to offer and want to try to get my courses online. I welcome all the advice.


‎12-16-2022 12:47 PM...................................Hi.....                   @gla    .....What........................................................kind of ................advice /.............would to ////////////////////////////.......................receive.....................................................................?

👋 Hello

Hi Im Daniel, i would like to create a course to share my knowledge of what i have learned throught the year in web development and functional integrations. Im exited to get started by creating an introductory course. 

How’s that course creation going? @DanielMaldonado 

Hello Everyone,

I have been in the Technology field for many years, and have testified in court as an expert witness in Computer Forensics. I have also been an instructor for many years at college level with great success. My students have great careers in the Information Technology field with my real world method of instruction. So here I am hoping to help more people in the Information Technology field gain the experience and knowledge to help advance their careers.
I absolutely love the enthusiasm and community involvement here and look forward to sharing concepts with everyone.

Wishing everyone great success!

Hi @Donna_Parsons


Welcome to our Community!  We are happy to have you here! 👏

Computer Forensics? Wow, this sounds fascinating! 


We are here when help is needed and wish you all the best for your journey on Udemy!😊

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am looking forward to this wonderful platform and community.

Title: Embarking on My Udemy Journey: A Warm Hello from Hungary!

Hello, Udemy Community! 🌟

I am thrilled to share that today marks the beginning of my exciting journey here at Udemy. Although my initial sign-up happened a few moons ago, it was important for me to meticulously craft my course before taking the plunge into the rich waters of this platform. After investing months of hard work, I feel invigorated and ready to share my knowledge with eager learners. Greetings from the beautiful land of Hungary! 🇭🇺

I must say, the welcome video was quite enlightening and engaging, and the thriving discussions in the comments section have also been insightful. However, as I navigate through this new environment, one aspect has piqued my curiosity and I would appreciate some clarification.

I stumbled upon the statement - "External links are not welcomed", which seems rather straightforward. However, I noticed that some members have appended links directing to their profiles in their signatures. This makes me wonder: Is Substack an exception to this rule, or is this a platform where Udemy instructors generally create profiles? Have I misunderstood something here?

I would be grateful for any insights or advice on this matter, as I want to ensure that I adhere to the community guidelines while also effectively showcasing my credentials and engaging with fellow instructors.

Thank you in advance for your support. I am eagerly looking forward to contributing to and learning from this vibrant community.

Warm regards,

The Attention-Broker

That is a great question.  I am also looking forward to the answer.

Wishing you the best on your new journey.

Thank you.



Hi @EzeKingsley286


Welcome to the community! 

We are happy to hear it's helpful for you 😊


Do not hesitate to create a conversation in case you have questions about teaching on Udemy! 

Thanks 😊 

I'm new here and I feel very excited  about this . I'm going to be teacher 🥰

. Also I'm welcoming your guidance  and help .


Welcome, @GertrudeCho465!





Thank you for this onboarding and a welcome video!! Really helpful and encouraging! 




Hello, i am Ann an instructor i hope to start posting my course and also ideas and i am very glad that there's  a whole community one can rely on...thank you for making us feel very welcome and excited to start 😊 

Totally agree with you! It is indeed cool that their us a community Herr snd a very frjendly snd s helpful Udemy supper team! 




Awww! Thank you so much for this amazing feedback.

We are very happy to hear that! 😍 

Hello everyone,


My name is Gertrude Chombo from Kenya.


I am a Leadership and governance expert. I love to teach leadership and management to newly promoted leaders/managers and professionals who desire to be equipped with leadership skills.


I developed this passion as I was starting at the beginning of my career journey when I realized that I possessed the art of influencing people. Over the years I have been developing this skill and for over 20 years now I have helped quite a number of people to develop leadership skills.


I am also a Life Coach. I help the youth learn how to set personal goals and exploit their potential.


I love puzzles and crosswords. They keep me alert and informed as I also learn new words.


I am so glad to be part of this community and look forward to learning from the members and  helping others learn from me too.





Hi @GertrudeCho465 Thank you for introducing yourself. We’re happy to have you here! 😊

Hi Bella, thank you for the Welcome video 🌷

Love this! Thank you for the warmest welcome everyone! Happy to be part of the family!

Thanks for this video 

Hi, my name is Kirstin. I have been teaching online since 2020 but decided I wanted to transition to do videos about my trainings. I train people on how to use Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Google Workspace, Canva and many more.  My first video series will be helping teachers using EXCEL.  My day job is teaching Digital Media to online high school students. Hope to meet (virtually) everyone and learn from y'all. Yes, I am from Texas.. 🙂

Welcome to the community @KirstinMcSt693

Thank you!

Hi dear community, I was organizing training sessions in Arabic, French and English since 2013 in face to face and I tried videoconference platforms in Covid crisis time. I am passionate to share my knowledge about several subjects. Welcome to all advices to improve my content  quality.

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