Udemy Community Ranks Explained

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Udemy Community Ranks Explained

Hello and welcome to the community! Your journey is just beginning and we’re excited for you to start growing with your fellow instructors! As you continue to participate in the community, you will start to gain new ranks and build your credibility!



Welcome to the community! We hope you’re excited to get started. Since you’re new, we recommend you look around the community and make yourself comfortable! Once you have viewed enough pages, you will be promoted to Observer!



Way to go! You’ve achieved the Observer rank. You’ve taken a look at a few pages within the community! Keep being inquisitive and view even more pages to reach the next rank of Researcher! 



Congrats! You’ve achieved the rank of Researcher. You should now feel more comfortable about the Udemy Instructor community and start contributing to discussions! Keep viewing different pages and start posting within the community to achieve your next rank! 



Wow! You’ve made it to the Traveler rank! You are now contributing to discussions. Now’s the time to start making your own path in the community. Continue to explore the community and provide valuable discussions to the community to achieve the next rank of Trailblazer!



Way to go! You’re making a name for yourself in the community and achieved the rank of Trailblazer! As you continue to contribute to the community, you’ll see other members submitting valuable information. Be sure to spread positivity and give some kudos to responses you found helpful! Keep posting within the community and visiting pages to reach your next rank!



Incredible, you’ve achieved the rank of Storyteller! You are helping the community grow by contributing to posts, creating discussions, and exploring the community! Keep contributing to the community and provide valuable input to achieve the next rank of Visionary!



Congrats! You’re now a Visionary within the community. People aspire to be as knowledgeable as you are. You have become a credible source of information by your peers and continue to make this community a better place! As you contribute more within this space you will achieve the highest rank we have to offer, Role Model. Keep up your amazing work and thank you for being a part of this community! 



Incredible job! You’ve just achieved the Specialist rank! You’re now a community member who continues to provide valuable information and help others grow within Udemy! Keep up the amazing work by exploring the community, providing feedback, and contributing to discussions to achieve your next rank!



Excellent work! Your continuous support within the community earned you the rank of Mentor! You have established yourself as a top user and people look to you for your input! Without your support, our community would not be what it is today. Keep up your contributions to the community by continuing to explore, share your knowledge, and be a leader in the community to get to the next rank!


Role Model

Hooray! You’ve made it to the highest rank, Role Model. You’ve proven to be an amazing addition to the community and have become a well-known entity among your fellow instructors! Because of your hard work and dedication, you have lifted countless community members to be more successful as instructors. From all of us at Udemy, we want to thank you for your continued support and contributions to the community. 


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This is definitely what's needed.


'When the times are dismal we can always play hop scotch'.

Thank you for enlightening me with these badges which inspire me a lot.

Thanks it really helped


Thank you for the interesting information 🙏

A sense of community is necessary not only in business but in life as well. A bunch of people should come forward to create a community to strengthen the system and encourage others. The leadership needs to further encourage the community members and that is what we can see here in this post. 

Thank you @ChrystieV for explaining these ranks! I appreciate these efforts!


Step by step guide on the ranking, thank you. Easy to understand.

I love this, thank you Chrystie!

Thank you so much! This is helpful! 😀

Very helpful thanx

Very useful information. Many thanks.

Thank you for this step-by-step guide. It is well informative. 

Nice, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Thank you for this.

Thank you so much, 

I found this helpful.

Thank you for the explanation.

Very knowledgeable 

There really should be higher tier badges, should be an easy thing to raise. 

With more than 2500 liked received, I have this from over 4 years ago 🙂


What about 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 etc, for everything, replies, discussions started, and whatever else there is. 

While it means nothing, gamification implement with that low limits, is very meh.


Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

@Thor Your wish is my command 🙂 Haha. We will be migrating to a new platform within the next two months and ranks will be re-calculated so it's possible that you will see a new higher rank at that time. More to come when we get closer to the migration date.

Well now, there we go on the solutions and turnarounds 😄 @ChrystieV 
Looking forward to it, any chance of dark mode?

Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

Hi @Thor


We hear you about the dark mode. (I think it has been raised in the community before.)

Currently, it’s not available on the new platform, but it's something we can look into  🙌.

I am about to publish my first training course (IT consulting guide, 75 video hours), and would like an expert to take a general look at my course (as a paid assignment), and make suggestions.

I have followed the general recommendations and best practices, but might be missing a few things.

Any recommendations?



Hi @HarryWebb602


How exciting that you are about to publish your first course! It sounds like you've put a lot of hard work into it. Our community champion, Scott Duffy, has generously offered to provide feedback to new instructors in this post. I highly recommend posting there.


Please let me know if you have any other questions 😊

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Create a video to introduce yourself and watch other videos from instructors to get to know them. We recommend including your name, what you teach, and what you hope to learn in your video.