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Two people using one account Best answer

My business partner and I are planning an ambitious set of courses, but we're wondering how to publish under our "company" name rather than one or the other of our individual accounts. We'd both like View more


Asslamilkum ! Everyone am the new member of ur community . I share the knowledge about physics . But am so hesitated because I work for the first time . I need ur support ND help . Thank you View more

Newbie - Seeking guidance and tips Best answer

Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie here on Udemy as a instructor and really looking forward to make the best of this platform by sharing my knowledge.. Would appreciate any tips/guidance to create valuable View more

One tip please

Hello everyone i am new to udemy i have just published the a new course on udemy. How can I increase sale ?Please Help me promote my course! Any suggestions for the newbie on here View more

Non-US Tax

Hello everyone..I am new instructor from Saudi Arabia. What type of tax form should I select. I think it will be same one in all Asian countries or Middle East countries. Best View more


Greetings. I am Dr Keshav Mohan. I am excited to have my course published on 22/08/20. I look forward to interacting with all of you. View more


Hello My name is Romario Mesfen from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Im a new instructor and I would like get some Ideas about the udemy environment from you View more


In this course we will learn how to read quran in Arabic way View more


I want your experience advice about my video.  Thank View more

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Inquiry Related To Revenue Generation

Hello Educator Community, I have started preparing my course and I'm thinking of devoting majority of my time for teaching on Udemy. Can it be a potential source for me to generate revenue if I don't View more

First time instructor Best answer

Hi thereI am S S Tripathy,Retired Professor of Chemistry of 65 years age, Indian.My first course in Udemy is in market place from today. It is a Chemistry intermediate level foundation course I am View more

New Language Course Just Published in Belarusian Best answer

Hello Udemy community, After a month of hard work with my Belarusian native partner, we finished our first course, Complete Belarusian for Beginners, first of its kind on Udemy! My name is Jarrett View more

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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, I am so glad to be here. After a few months of hard work, my course finally got launched last week. I must say that creating the first course was one hell of a work and I learned a View more

Guide about the payment

Hiii, I need more highlights on how to start getting paid on udemy and the procedure on how to create PayPal account? Thank you View more

Inquiry Related to Course Duration Best answer

Heya Everyone, I am Humah from India. It's great to join Udemy as I finally got affiliated to a virtual Educator Community. However, I would like to know that what would be the best course duration, View more

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Educational Best answer

I am a university student. I have no experience of teaching like other udemy instructors except giving tutor to my class mates. But I am interested to make educational courses. Can I? View more

New Instructor from Africa

Hello Instructors, I am glad to be here I am Luphurise Lema Mawere from Tanzania, East Africa, I believe this platform will help me to showcase my knowledge ,skills and experiences. I am ready to View more

So much time

Hi how long it takes for you as a intructor to see reviews by student or to show on your landing page? View more

مقدمه Best answer

Hello dear friends, I am a new coach and I am very happy to be with you. Of course, your satisfaction makes us proud. Thank you, dear coaches, for accompanying us and giving us warmth. Thank View more


Hi, Iam a pediatrician. During my free time, I want to teach aspiring nursing, medical and post graduate students and help them in understanding their subject in an easier way. Iam looking at as a View more

Hello Everyone!

Hi Udemy Family, I'm so happy to be a part of the Udemy instructors. Well, hold on I haven't uploaded any courses yet, but, It's coming soon! Will be happy to share your thoughts and experiences here View more

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