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Udemy Community Ranks Explained This thread is pinned

Hello and welcome to the community! Your journey is just beginning and we’re excited for you to start growing with your fellow instructors! As you continue to participate in the community, you will View more

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New to the community? Start here! (Welcome Video) This thread is pinned

Welcome to the community! We are truly happy that you've joined us. This quick video guide will be walking you through how our community works and what you can expect on your journey. There’s a View more

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Introduce Yourself! This thread is pinned

Hi there! Welcome aboard, our community is excited to have you here! We'd love to get to know you better, so here's a place for you to introduce yourself (if you’d like) and meet other members as View more

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Hi.. this is sadhu avinash

Hi i am unable to add my website on the instructor profile because its grey i mean its not allowing me to enter anything. why is it? and what to do about it? also my social media links like facebook View more


Hi, Am Zoya FaruqiI just joined Udemy,Am happy, just need some tips from other amazing instructors!Thanks for reading View more

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Mechanical Design

Hello. Im Mohammad. Im Mechanical Engineer. Production and machines. And Im from Jordan. Actually. I see for the design department. Any hope to discuss this with other persons. Your View more

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Professional Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Math is all around us, in everything we do. It is the building block for everything in our daily lives, View more


Hi there,I am Momita. A teacher by profession.Science, mathematics and English being my best of interest.Happy to connect with friends around here. View more

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URDU FOREX introduction Best answer

Hi,Sarmad bilal here from URDUFOREX.I AM BUSINESS Graduate,And Working in Forex Trading since 2015- If you need any Trading guidelines,I am happy to guide View more

My Expected Payment Date keeps changing

Hi My Expected Payment Date keeps changing it was 7th Oct 2022 and now it says Expected Payment Date is Nov 08, 2022, My PayPal account is linked and Active i don't have any problem. Thank View more

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I have not been getting my payouts, my PayPal account is linked and active. My tax documents are approved... Is there any reason I may not be getting paid. Only have a small amount owed to me at this View more

New in Udemy! How to start?

Hi everyone! I have completed my b.s hons in Art and design specialized in Art and Design. I teach different students online via zoom. I teach them beginners calligraphy, architecture drawing with View more


Hey everyone! New here. Just checking everything out and excited to be part of such a unique venue. I'm a photographer and logo designer View more

My introduction

Hello people i am Muhammad Bilal usually people known by insta handle "muhammad.bilal.568" i am a Programer, especially i have master The C and C++ Program languagesI can write and read English.. So, View more

My first entry in udemy

Hello Everyone my is Bolaji Ramoni I am a UI UX, Graphic and Packaging Designer with five years of working experience I look forward to connect with all the instructor here at udemy so they will be View more


Hello everyone, I am makebe Sylvie and i am from Cameroon, I am a new course instructor here. I will be teaching parasitology and Microbiology. Are my welcome? Hope to connect with the View more

Say hello to our new community members! (September)

Hi there 👋 Our community grows every month as more and more people passionate about teaching and learning join us. We just hit 100,000 discussions, thanks to all the members who come here every day View more

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Insufficient privileges

Hi I am a new instructor and I clicked on the top 10 questions of the new instructors. To my surprise I got a red screen it said I don’t have sufficient privileges to view this topic.I am a new View more

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Where do students share work? Best answer

I am designing my first course and want it to be interactive. Is there a place for students to share their work/projects/photos and communicate? Or should I start a Facebook group for View more

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Instructor Spotlight: Meet Muslim Helalee


Hello Instructor Community! We are excited to launch the first episode of our Instructor Spotlight series. Every month, we will spotlight members of our community by giving them the opportunity to View more

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Practice Sandpit

Hi....,I have not uploaded any material as instructor. Is it possible to get a sandpit space to upload a sample or short clip to practice course and question to learn the process? View more

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Create a video to introduce yourself and watch other videos from instructors to get to know them. We recommend including your name, what you teach, and what you hope to learn in your video.
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